Experiment 101

There were times in the office when I felt like I needed to have a break.. and what I usually did (being the prober that I am..) was ask people one question and tally their answers. That has always made me less bored of the monogamy of entering orders (whew!!).. Here is one that I did and below was the data gathered during my experimentation…

Asa gikan ang abog?

  1. Atmosphere – Joan
  2. Soil (Loose) – Iya
  3. Particles exhaled by people – Ace
  4. Dead skin cells – Rickler
  5. Ang air maoy nagda sa abog – Michelle
  6. Air ( particles in the air) – JanjanZ
  7. Natural Chuva sa mga butang – Jane (ex: naay tawo nga naay gbutang nga papel nga kwarta sa alkansiya, nya after many years abog na cya..)
  8. Excess chemicals and substances – Maniac Jeoff
  9. A very big bato that exploded and broke down into bits and pieces – Marky

If everything was cemented (hypothetically-speaking), would there still be abog?

  1. Yes, because if people die, they turn into abog. (Joan)
  2. Yes, because when those cement become loose due to wear and tear, the become abog. (Iya)
  3. Yes, because air can bring the abog anywhere. (Michelle)
  4. Yes, because…. (JanJanZ)
  5. Yes, because the cement will be crushed because of friction so there will be abog (Marky)

WOW!!! You see, people are really amazing!! :0)

Disclaimer: All characters in this experiment are real, however, their names were not disclosed to protect their pride and to keep me from being sued for moral damages. Should you like to be included in the experiment to showcase your mental prowess (after reading the encyclopedia..), please add your comments, its FREE!! :0)

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