Quest for Understanding

It was on the 10th of November when the hopeless-romantic me grabbed a pen and let the ink drip and drizzle on a piece of paper… This was the concoction me and pen came up with….. If anyone should find themselves relating in one way or the other to the words written, then I’ve realized my goal ~ to touch people.  (nmed)



By: nmed

November 10, 2003

Question:         How do you stop the heart from feeling? From getting hurt, from feeling pain?

Answer:           You can’t. For it the heart stops to feel, it would lose its purpose. It would lost its very reason for existence.

Question:         If we can’t, how can we at least ease the gripping pain? How can we stop the invisible hand from clutching the heart too tight?

Answer:           Let it be. For if it weren’t for the pain you feel, you would never appreciate the joy it gives you.

Question:         Why then do we have to feel so much pain in order for us to feel joy? Can’t we just leave out the pain and feel the joy instead?

Answer:           You can never appreciate the intoxicating joys of loving if you have never felt its very opposite; its surging pains.

Question:         The heart has too many tasks to attend to, and far too many pains to suffer. For an organ with such a noble purpose, why should the heart be in such a vulnerable and delicate state? And why should it be without protection or replacement?

Answer:           If it were, men would never feel the need and importance of taking great care with their hearts. They would allow it to be stabbed, broken and hurt, and would do the same to others hearts; knowing it can easily be replaced. They would take their hearts for granted.

                        Now, you would not want that to happen to an organ with such a noble purpose, would you?

Question:         People say the brain should rule over the heart in all aspects of life. Is that the reason why the brain is above the heart? Should we always follow our brain, and not our hearts?

Answer:           The brain is above the heart, yes. Because it is the logic of being; it is what makes you rational and able to think things through. (Although at times, you do not apply this. J)

                        The heart is at the very center of your body. It was and is there because your heart is the center of your being, your very core.

                        Each decision your brain formulates must pass through your heart for editing, polishing, and refining. It is now up to you to choose either dictates of your brain or the callings of your heart. The brain shouts but the heart whispers, you must learn to listen well.

Question:         Why do we have so many questions about the workings of the heart, yet we can never find the answers?

Answer:           The heart has reasons which reason knows nothing of.

Copyright: 2003

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