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I’ve been watching cable tv for the last 2 weeks and I tell you it gets real boring…… EyeWahhhhhh….
I am a couch potato, mind you but when they air the same shows for days in a row… its really gets to your nerves.. That is why I end up channel surfing.. Or I end up sleeping again.. Hahaha.. It actually is nice not to have work (for a while that is..), the perks are all there!! You can do whatever you want, whenever you want to and no one has to dictate what you do with your time. (well, maybe except my mom who occasionally asks me to cook meals or wash the dishes..) but other than that, I am the master or my time and it kicks ass!!! Hahahaha!! (Am I allowed to say that here, no censorships, right?) This is after all my blog and my rules apply….. but I know my limits…..

I am at SM right now, waiting for my beloved soulmate to get off work and that won’t be until 3 hours or so from now….. (can you imagine the agony of waiting???) But then, all for love right?? Ahhhh… amour, amour, amour… can I get any mushier than this?? Hehehe…To kill some time, I planned to check out my emails if I have any friends who actually miss me, look at my friendster account to see whose been stalking me (hehe, assuming!!), and look for scary and psycho chatmates…. (that should be an easy task considering the many psyhos there are in cyberworld…) But nah, I changed my mind….. I don’t need any psychos today, one is enough!! (Who? Why me ofcourse!! Hahahahaha)

Anyway, I was talking about cable tv right and how it gets really boring when you watch it 24/7….. Hmmmm…. I totally lost track of what I was going to say… hehehe.. typical!! So typical of me, would you believe I have entries in my diary/personal notebook/confession room/panic room/punching bag that have remained unfinished just because I can’t talk about the topic I wrote about first… I just jump to a different topic at once, before even finishing what I just started…. And that not only holds true for my diary, it holds true for most of the decisions I’ve made in my life… its like I can never focus on just one thing at once… (you probably noticed that from this blog entry already..) I have multitudes of things that I want to do all the same time… weird huh?? But then, WEIRD is my middle name… (go and ask Wendy and Gay and they’ll readily approve.. they know me all too well! Hehehehe…)

Hmmm, I actually miss them “guys” (and I tell you the term guys is very appropriately coined here….) Wendy is still with 88th while Gay is with Etelecare and me??? Secret!! But hey, I am earning money, just in case you think I am just being a bum and letting my parents spend for me… I have work! And things are looking ok from my side of the fence right now, so I have no complaints!!! I am even earning extra bucks every now and then cuz I sell loads too!!! (By the way, whoever needs load, prepaid cards for all 3 major networks, autoload, eload, internet prepaid cards, landline prepaid cards and stuff like that, I am the man to look for!!! Hehehe.. sales pitch jud noh!!! Kevs!!! Way utang ha, bayad dretso, way amigahay!!!)

Wow, I’ve actually killed I think half an hour already just checking my emails and writing this blog entry down… COOL!!! I’ll probably be out of the café early to just wait over the Harbor for Itoy… and maybe sleep while waiting…. Which is by the way, one f the best perks of not having a job, you can sleep all you want!!! I know I needed it anyway, I was barely getting 3 hours of sleep while I was working so my body definitely needed all the rest it can get… besides when I start working full-swing again, I know sleep would not be a priority, especially cux by that time, I would have so much in my head that I probably wont even be able to sleep…. (my this sentence is really long, isn’t it?? Hmmm) There is so much going on in my head that I dream about them each time I go to sleep, even if I just dozed off for a few minutes…. Hey, do all of you people dream?? Cuz I do, ALWAYS!!! Sometimes I just forget about them but I always dream….and they all seem so real!! I asked Itoy if he dreams all the time but apparently he doesn’t. I told him that probably he did but he just forgot about it but he insists that he dreams very rarely.. which I found weird… I even told him (in the most scientific explanation I can muster, that he probably woke up after he had REM (Rapid Eye Movement which one of the physical indications that one is already in the state of dreaming…) and that maybe if he had waken up while he had REM that he would remember his dreams…. And so the story goes…… blah blah blah…. The ending was, he said he was going to write down the times when he had a dream so we can calculate the percentage of him dreaming…. (very scientific huh??)

This entry is getting too long though so I have to get off the keyboard now…. I’ll probably roam around the busy halls of SM for a little eye feast and some foot exercise or I might go to National Bookstore to look at books and “paper” stuff… I just love paper!!! Or I could go and grab a Thirsty drink, my mouth is a little dry from all this writing… (Why? Because when I write, I actually say the words in my head, in fact, my mouth just smiled while I’m writing this… ) Weird again??? No, that’s just the




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