the miracle of life….

My sister just gave birth today….. at 5 in the morning…. to a healthy baby boy (thank goodness!!!)..  she’s a mom now… And she has played a part in one of nature’s greatest miracles… the gift of life. I am happy for her… and I am more thankful the 9 months of waiting is over..

It has not been an easy 9 months for me, I had to pray each chance I get for her safety and her baby’s safety.. I worried… even up to the last minute.. In fact, I worried so much that I dreamt when I took a 1-hour nap while waiting for her to get out of the delivery room…

I held her baby in my arms and I saw a miracle… I wondered, even with the "reproductive system" knowledge from school… how such a miracle can happen… its just wonderful how one small person can come out from another person….

He is a healthy and curious little boy, he wanted so much to open his eyes to the world and he did not look like he wanted to sleep.. I mean I know he’s sleepy cuz he kept yawning but he seemed to be fighting it and still wanted to open his eyes and see the world… I call him "Wolfman" by the way, cuz he is soooo hairy… he’s like a wolf!!! Hehehhee…

I have to get back to work though, but I just wanted to share that news to everyone (and by everyone, I mean myself and the crazy persons who actually read my blog, if there are any…. )

Welcome to the great, big, confusing and exciting world RYAN BENEDICT D. BRIONES!!!! Oh, did I say I wanted his name to be Yniego Manuel, but hey its not my call!!!

Back to work now!!! 🙂

One thought on “the miracle of life….

  1. kaiex says:

    so what makes Neld a good tita? to her new pamangkin? shes the best yaya tita in the world coz she loves kids…lol hey nel keep postin i like your blogs and say hi to wolfboy who’se tita is the wolf lady your group should be wolfgang in oppra
    lol lav yah miss yah


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