bisdak ko!!

Last Friday at Handuraw Events Cafe was a blast!!!! I had a great time, especially when Mantequilla and Aggressive Audio performed…. You all should try watching their gigs, you’ll see that there is so much talent in our fellow Cebuanos.. Cebuano bai!!!

For the skeptics, and I know there are a lot, at first glance it might not really tickle your fancy but just keep and open mind and an open ear and maybe after a couple of songs, you’ll find your head and feet are swaying to the beat and your mouth might even be forming a smile…..

Sure, foreign songs might be sweeter to our ears but Cebuano songs definitely speak our language (or in this case, sing our language…) and somehow it even recounts our experiences…

Take for example, the song LQ by Mantequilla, it talks about the arguments/conflicts/battles/etc. in a relationship and how amidst all that, love still prevails.. Nice huh? Or listen to "Ulipon sa Gugmang Giatay" by The Ambassadors and you might even shrivel at how lovestruck we all can get at times…. Or reminisce with the songs by Missing Filemon and you’ll find yourself actually agreeing to their words….

I don’t see the point why we can’t support our budding Cebuano musicians while at the on-start of their careers and yet find ourselves one day shouting "TAGA-CEBU NA SILA BAI!", when they’re already famous and touring around the Philippines or around the world…? Do you? It’s just absurd! Won’t you rather be the one saying, "Lagi bai, sikat na sila ron noh? Sauna, adto2x pako sa ila gig sa Handuraw or sa basketball court sa OPRRA! Nagsunod jud ko ana nila maski sauna pa.."

I know I’d rather be….

May lain diay Bisrock nga gig karong umaabot nga bayte-syete sa Septembre… sa Handuraw gihapon… busa kita-kits napud ta mga bai…

Support Cebuano music! Mao ni tinuod nga ato!! :0)

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