outside looking in..

I decided today to be less self-absorbed by looking into the blog entries of my friends…. I shared in their experiences by feeling the words as if they were my own… somehow taking a peek at others lives made it seem like I was not alone…  I guess that’s all we really need to do in life, to avoid the sadness and isolation, we all just need to share each others lives….

There was this one about her birthday and the things she is thankful for… that one made me laugh.. Cuz it made me realize I am not the only one who dreads the thought of being old… And that I am not the only existing whiner in this world of 8B++ people… There are others just like me out there!!! And that is just way scary but kinda reassuring as well.. hehehe..

Then there was short entry about Christmas coming and how he (the blogger) is already reminding people of possible gifts for him, his wife and their kid.. Hehehe.. I guess it always pays to be early… Then, below it was an emotional entry about finding his love and then the birth of their child.. I read the words and it made me smile, it made me squirm even more inside because it was in Cebuano and it hit me like a rock… It was so full of emotions….  You’d wish you were the girl he was writing about because she seemed to him larger than life… Awww…. That was just so sweet…

My eyes are getting all red and almost teary-eyed…. I wish I could say it is because I cannot contain my emotions but because I don’t think I’ve fully-recovered from my recent eye infection (ok fine, sore eyes na kung sore eyes!! letch!!), the computer monitor still irritates my eyes.

I am glad though, even if it my eyes hurt, that I was able to read other people’s blogs, because it made me feel less unhappy today…

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