The tangled web I’ve woven…

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when you feel like you’re all tangled and messsed up?? I think I am having one of those times…. Not a fault of anyone else but me… It’s weird, you reach the age of 25 and you think you’re pretty much ok and you know exactly where you’re heading…. Only to realize that you’re lost and what’s sad is that you’re alone…

Sucks huh!! Oh well…. I guess I am doing this to myself…. Hmmm… I better get rid of this feeling, its really dreadful….  I need some glucose probably, my cells are getting all drained and bored…. Hmm…. Come to think of it, its 10 in the morning and I haven’t had breakfast yet… I really need something to keep my gastric acid from melting the inner lining of my stomach…

This is just how I am, whenever I am alone and in a sentimental mood, I get all sorts of feelings…

I am lost, Lord

Wandering the streets of life

Lifeless, alone, downhearted

I need some form of comfort

A hand to hold, a warm embrace

I cry in silence and show to the world

A happy face, a mask

To hide my true self

My true emotions hidden

I long for a higher being

To take me from all this

To experience heaven like never before

I dream of heaven

But tearfully wake up to a reality

A dreadful reality

Save me from all this, Lord

Keep me safe under your protective embrace

And provide me the love

I never will be worthy of

For your love is unconditional

And pure and lasting

I will rest all my worries, Lord

And give them all to you

I close my eyes

And forget all my fears and anxieties

And let you lead my life

Wherever you want it to… (11/04/06 Sat, 10:05AM, Lahug Internet Cafe)

Wow!! Now, I feel so much better!

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