Bisrock Rocks!!

I have been a avid follower of our bisrock bands, since Scrambled Eggs, Smooth Friction and Missing FIlemon to the now “bagong tubo” bands.. and I have to say it has always been a great ride!! I’ve enjoyed all of them and they’ve made me proud I’m a true-blue Cebuano.. as I always say “bisdak ko!”

Last week I just saw the new bands, most of them dont’ have albums yet, only singles being played in Smash FM and my favorite so far is Assembly Language.. I can’t get enough of their ala-reggae tunes and their ala-Beatles style with 2 vocal artists singing either alternately or together.. IDOL!!! I even plan to buy their album once they release one and ofcourse be there during the album launching… kitakits mga idol and the rest who are fans just like moi!!

What amazes me aside from the obvious talents they have with singing and songwrirting is that they still are very youg, probably still in high school or early college years.. Truly gifted ones!!

I just wish many people patronize their songs and the Cebuano bisrock genre in general ‘cuz it would really be cool!

Later today too, there is a Bisrock concert in Handuraw and I’ll be there… to support them and ofcourse have rockin’ fun!!

For those who love this type of music, rock on dudes and see you there.. For those who have yet to discover them, do so, you just might get a kick out of it.. I know I did!!

Adios!! And more power to Bisrock!!!

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