Creating sparks!!

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Yesterday, Monday, August 6, my beloved Itoy and I spent the whole day together….. we ate BBQ somewhere in Colon, bought 1/4 atis to eat, drove thru SRP or the South Reclamation Project in a motorcycle, went window-shopping at G.Fiesta Mall (a.k.a. Gaisano Tabunok), went to a vulcanizing shop to get some air into our almost flat tire, went back to Cebu thru the SRP, stopped at SRP for a while to watch the sea and get some sea breeze until we spotted 2 police cars heading our way and left as we were scared we weren’t allowed to park there, went to Greenwich Raintree Mall to eat a family-sized Hawaiian pizza, looked at one punk store in Raintree Mall, had a 30-minute foot massage at a Thai massage parlor still in Raintree Mall, and finished the day off by sitting in the grassy areas of I.T. Park just talking and looking at the view and ohhhh trying to get my hands on a "I-thought-was-cute-but-I-was-wrong-because-it-was-evil chihuahua" who kept on barking at the other Labrador pet. (Did I spell the breed right?)

Wow! That was a long sentence… Anyway, I just wanted to enumarate my day so you can get a glimpse of how extremely simple it was but amidst that, it was a wonderful and truly marvelous one. Sure, a lot of people would say that a day like yesterday isn’t even half of the great days they’ve had but heck, who cares, yesterday was a wonderful one! And I can tell you why:

First and foremost, yesterday was a great day because I was with the person I love and I cherish every bit of moment we spend together. The little jokes we shared, the BBQ we shared – – the chicken head I ate was scrumptuous even!, the time he tickled me almost pink and I accidentally hit his nose – – or maybe I did that on purpose so he would stop, cuz I’m a very ticklish person and I could just die right there if he didn’t stop, or even just the joke he pulled when he wore his helmet while lying on the grass listening to the music on his cellphone and gazing at the cloudy skies – – there were little droplets of rain falling then.

I dunno, I guess I am a person who laughs and cries at the silliest of things and finds happinness in even a small matter as a blade of grass.

You see, my beloved and I have been in a relationship for 8 years, and it may even seem like all we do is everything monotonous but its not. We still find joy in the littlest and simplest of things and that is what keeps us together and what makes us want to be with each other still. For anyone else, the first paragraph would have been a nonsense and totally ordinary enumeration of what happened on a single day but for me, its not, it a whole love story and I would proudly share it with the world…. They can choose to mock my simple-mindedness or they can relish and share with me my joys and my pride that I have loved and I am loved and that no matter how long it has been – – – I still see, feel and can create sparks in our relationship – – – and that is something not everyone can say for themselves. Geez, that last line made me a little teary-eyed… Aww… Silly me.. :0)

Why am I getting all sentimental? Because I see other people in relationships and not having fun and enjoying it, a lot of them are just in the relationship and not making the most out of it. Some are even married, have kids but deep inside they are not satisfied and are unhappy. I wish they would enjoy it and cherish the moment. Sure, I know that the world has problems and they too have problems but what good will it do if people always think of the problems and not see the happy things that probably are right under their noses? Problems will always be there but those "little moments" when you fail to see and enjoy them, will float away – – – forgotten and never discovered. But when you do see them and lavish in the bliss it offers you, it will become lasting memories – – – ones you can keep, share, remember, and visit every now and then.

I say this, although, I can’t really say I am an expert at it, but I think that when one is old and alone, the memories that keep them afloat and the ones they cling to aren’t the times when they hurdled and juggled problems but the ones that made them smile and laugh. So, why not create those memories so you have a bankful of them to visit when your body stops to journey and only your mind does. I urge you to go out and celebrate life, feel the seabreeze, climb a tree and eat the fruit that you see (of course the edible ones), lie down on grassy parks, bathe in the rain, eat something new, do a lot of things and do this with the people you love. If all these aren’t appealing to you, then get a different perspective, do something ordinary and see it it in an extraordinary way – – go to the grocery store and experience how it is to shop and not look at the prices, then after, you can always return the ones you can’t afford but hey at least you tried! You might want to aplogize to the grocery workers though as they will have to restock them all over again.

I have created my memory.. I wanted to write an entry on my journal about my day yesterday but I got way too tired to write and so directly went to bed – – yes, without washing off even. Hehe.. eew!! Nah, if you miss a half bath once in a while, that won’t kill yah! And so I decided to create an e-journal, hoping that my experience stops not only for my reading and writing pleasure but also for others as well. I never will know, but I might have inspired someone in my own little way….

What are you waiting for?? Create your own moments! If there are already present, then create sparks!!

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