Irony anyone???

Anybody here want to talk about irony???? I do.. How about buying a can-opener that (guess what??) cannot open a can??? Funny huh, but I hate to tell you its true… because I just spent how many minutes talking on the phone with a houseware personnel just explaining to him how this can-opener cannot open cans and how I can have it replaced and most importantly how, upon replacement can I be assured it will now serve its purpose for being – – – opening cans?? Which ironically, to drive to a point, I told him I can’t be the one to bring a can just so we can test if the can-opener can open cans… can it? (Ok, so the last part doesn’t really make sense but I just like to put that there for tongue twister purposes.. hehehehe…)

Or how about, when days when you feel like you’re the ugliest creature on earth, you just miraculously bump into your long time crush?? And why on days when you feel like you’re a supermodel (and note: actually look like one); there is never anyone who can visually support your claim, not even if you try your hardest to go to places a lot of these people frequent??? No paparazzi?? (Is this the correct spelling?) 

Or on days when you absolutely need to find something but it is nowhere to be found.. and when you no longer need them, it just magically reappears again??  And get this, everytime they turn up again, they seem to be in the most noticeable of places when you could swear you’ve looked in every nook and cranny just to find it before?? 

And, please, tell me why, when you only have enough money in your pocket to pay for a jeepney ride home, you get all these cravings of food, clothes, stuff and everything else??? Things which require money literally come to life and call you to them….. What is up with that??? But when you have the money to spend, you don’t want to eat or buy anything, its like you’ve totally lost your appetite for them??? (Or does this just apply mostly to me??)   

And lastly, why on earth do people you gossip about (ahem, I mean, people in your conversations), suddenly appear everytime you talk about them or just after you talk about them????? Do they have x-ray hearing or something and they know people are talking about them?? (We’ll except maybe for the people who suffer from extreme paranoia, who always think people are talking about them, geez..)

Or why it is a lot easier to say I hate you than it is to say I love you???


Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think???

12/06/07 Thursday @ 1:38PM by nmed

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