Werk werk werk!!! (when will it ever end?!)

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I don’t want to work FOREVER!!!

I know that is basically the only way to survive in this world of ours but pardon my seemingly lazy first statement but I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO WORK MY A** OFF FOREVER! And by work, I mean literally reporting for work in a company that requires you 8-10 hours a day earning a 15th and 30th paycheck (or 5 and 20, whichever case applies..) Forgive me if I just hurt people’s feelings by being so pessimistic about work but I can’t stand the thought of slaving myself over something just so I could get that paycheck every half of the month… (NO, just in case you are trying to read between the lines and thinking to yourself that I do not need the money, you are absolutely mistaken, I DO need the money more than anything else! How else can I survive without it in a world where nothing is for free??)

But to keep you from still trying to read between the lines, let me just tell you why, speculating is not always good, you know! (Even if I do that most of the time myself, I will not recommend it to everyone..)

If it makes you feel any better (and it lessens your thoughts on me being a Lazy-A**), I am actually one who has workaholic tendencies IF I do work and even if I HATE my work! Yes, totally opposite of what I actually just blurted out on the first line, right? Yep, I HATE to work but if I do, I LOVE to work!!! Grrr…. again, need I remind you that W is my middle name, and it stands for Weird?

Really though, the reason I do not want to work forever is because I know that is not my calling in life… I have a higher calling (nope, not in the religious sense) and that is NOT TO BE AN EMPLOYEE ALL MY LIFE BUT BE A BUSINESSMAN INSTEAD.. (I had to use the male version of the word as it is more appropriately coined here, more literally than figuratively really.. hehehehe).

I think and KNOW in my heart that I am at my best when I work (meaning do business, in this particular sentence) in my own time, my own pace and with myself as my own boss. I do better and actually feel better because I know that I am doing it for myself (sure, sounds like a selfish scheme right?) But what I am really trying to get at is that you are more motivated because it is ALL yours – if it fails then you suffer, if it succeeds then you succeed! You are not compromising someone else’s lives in the process like you do when you work for other people. Think of it this way, when you work for them there are a lot of things you can compromise – – –  the company, your colleagues, your suppliers, your job and a lot more but if you only have yourself to worry about then that takes a whole lot out of the equation!! The downside though is, if everything you do happens to fail (heaven forbid!), you just have yourself to blame… not a pretty sight since we all love to put blame on others too because it makes us feel a lot better in the process.

So, in connection with my first statement… I am trying to re-structure my life and I am planning ahead so I can ultimately have time to actually stop working and start running my own business.. It might not be a million-dollar empire (peso is more appropriate, true, but I like the sound of million-dollar) but hopefully something that will be enough to keep me from being tied to an 8 to 10-hour office job but will still let me eat 3 meals a day and maybe a few snacks in between or even a few massages every now and then… (By the way, this plan of mine is not intended for myself alone but with the family I plan to have later on so I am dead serious here…)

I wanted to put this into writing so I am reminded every day that I need to work more NOW so I do not need to LATER!! (Opposites again huh??) Yep, it looks like that would be the path to take to reach my destination… Don’t you think it is weird and ironic that you have to do more of something now so you can do away with it later on??? Hmmmm…

But I guess it makes perfect sense, I will need to re-structure my life and follow the example given by the colony of ants in our house (which, I am sorry to say, I mass murdered when I was then young and naive, and now when I am no longer young but still naive, I guess I’ve only just learned the lesson…) — save all the things you have today for the rainy day. But to perfectly fit me, I am changing this to "work while you still have work today so you no longer have to do it later on." (By the way, this is under the presumption that I will have saved enough today to actually open my own business one day…)

But since great things start from small beginnings (as one gender-challenged former classmate of mine said or sang), I have started to do something today…. Something I did before but stopped doing, I will save more of my earnings by spending less on non-essentials… I will save whatever I can save, because its my future that is at stake here…

I just don’t wanna work forever!!! I don’t want to work until I die…. or worse die while working or because of working…. heck no!!!

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