These are a few of my favorite jobs…

Again, true to my contradicting nature, I am today writing a list of the jobs I would love doing (yes.. after I just wrote an entry about not wanting to work…) These are of course, under the presumption that such jobs exist, are actually available, and pay enough to sustain life…

Why am I writing this list? Because I realized that there just might be things (read:jobs) that I could consider doing for a long time… 

And so my list goes:

1. Subtitle writer for DVDs (can you imagine how nice it would be to make a living out of watching DVDs??? Its like a dream come true!! Besides, wouldn’t you want DVDs that actually have CORRECT subtitles and make sense for a change?? I know I would!!

2. Taste tester for new ice cream flavors (or new chocolate, or new candy, or new anything.. as long as it IS food)… Aside from the fact that you are the first person to get your tongue on these goodies, you also help decide what is made available to the world!!! Isn’t that something you should get an award on???

3. Photographer or camera man for events that feature babies, pets (except exotic and scary ones..), food, nature, travel, amazing miracles, and exciting games…. It would be your ticket to the best things in life; you get to see it, feel it, and most of all capture it and share to everyone…. isn’t that what matters most? How good is something if you can’t share it to the rest of the world? Such is the power of those that hold the lens, they can capture and share the feeling…

4. Talk show host… nope, not the Oprah type of talk shows, more like The Ellen de Generes show or the Iron Chef (I don’t really think that falls under the category of talk shows though…), or a travel show… I think that by being a talk show host, I get to meet a lot of people, influence a lot of people and decisions, and have fun all at the same time…. No, I do not crave the elegance or power, not even the money that comes with fame, I think by being a talk show host, I can do what I love best, TALKING and listening to people….

5. Santa Claus (although this would be a seasonal job, I would love to be one all year round…) I don’t necessarily have to bear gifts for everyone but I would love to be just Santa because there is something about him that makes people feel better… Somehow it makes people feel good to have someone "physically there" to make hopeful wishes to or even just vent at and I guess I can do that job pretty well..

6. Mascot (the wholesome ones of course!), except probably for the heavy and I-cannot-breathe-and-see-anything-here suit, it would be a blast being a mascot! You get to do a lot of things not all normal people can do and you can get away with it too, you can give a lot of laughter and maybe occasional frights but it just seems like a whole lot of fun to be a mascot. Even if you just sit in a corner and sulk, somehow your presence just seems to make a lot of people smile and I think that is indeed a "fulfilling job" to have…

7. Apple-picker or any kind of nice fruits and vegetables and flowers too… I dunno, told you am weird right, but there is just something about harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables that makes me feel good.. Aside probably from the biological benefits that you get because you are near them (the give off Oxygen, right?), it just feels good to be with one with nature… Aside from that feeling, I can pretend that the entire hectares of land are actually mine and that I am just harvesting so I have some to eat or cook… Hmmm… now that would be a nice picture indeed…

8. Gift wrapper …. (although I know that due to Christmas season, it would probably be one of the most "pressured jobs" to be in.. but would it be fun to think that you are coming to work wrapping gifts?? I might even end up asking myself if I am actually working…) I just think wrapping gifts is a great therapy and good for the self-esteem.. its a great therapy because you can be creative and work with your hands… good for the self-esteem because it sort of reminds you daily that there is still generosity in the world. And besides, it tickles your imagination thinking about how the recipient of the gift will unravel the little bundle of surprise he has been given and how his eyes twinkle when it is handed to him… (sorry, I can be overly dramatic with these things….)

9. Children’s book storyteller or story reader… are there actually people who do this for a living? If there are, please let me know where I should be sending my resume?? To be surrounded by young minds and to be in a position where you can help mold minds is a nice thing to be part of… aside from that, you can be childlike again and relive these stories with them…. You can travel without having to take a step and you can see people, places and things by just closing your eyes…. (I know, too theatrical.. but remind me again whose blog this is??)

10. PA for Ellen de Generes…. ok, so it might not sound like a logical idea to put this in my list but believe me, this has a deeply rooted reason for being… I don’t just want to be a PA because she is famous or what.. I want to be one because I think she is fun and funny and a true person. I see her on her TV show and she is not like any of the stars, she seems like such a real person. I feel like if I were a star, I would be her.. Funny, fun, wears sneakers all the time, cracks the most satiric jokes at times, cool and elegant without an effort! If I were to be someones Personal Assistant (or "dakilang alalay"), it would be her!!!

Hmmmm… this is definitely not the end of my list but I have to stop or my wonderful and beloved nephew will never take his mind off getting his hands on the computer – because he sees me doing so and has this tendency to IMITATE whatever we do…. So, I am going to end my list at 10 for now but if I get more PC-time later, I will add to this list…

10 on my list for now???? Well, what do you know… there are actually a lot of jobs I love to do…. Hmmm… why am I not surprised that even if I said I DON’T WANT TO WORK FOREVER, there just are things I might consider ACTUALLY doing forever…

nmed @ 12:30noon

December 23, 2007, Sunday @ home

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  1. Zoie says:

    Well written article.


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