Tourist attraction to die for right under our very noses!


Hey.. those of you who live in Cebu City and dream of vacationing outside the Philippines…. I urge you to hold-off on those for now and smell the flowers growing in your own backyard…. (I of course was being figurative about that last part of the sentence but I have no opposition whatsoever if you decide to take its message literally..)

Yesterday, February 11, Monday…. my love and I went joyriding to Busay.. this would be the first for this year.. I was hugging him all the way, the secondary reason being it was brrr.. really cold, (there was even fog) on a midday when the city would be saturated with heat evaporating from the asphalt and the hot air signaling the coming of the Lenten Season… 

We were going to the visit the spot where we saw a paradise of a rice field, would you believe, in the mountains of Busay? Didn’t go all the way there because we had to be back before afternoon cuz we had a life in the city we had to leave to get a few minutes of fresh air and a nice get-away… Anyway, on our way back, while he was driving and I was admiring the view, I saw a little bird perched on a hanging broken branch of a tree and he was on it like it was a see-saw… It was like the bird was making the branch move and was having fun doing it… I of course, because I get all warm and fuzzy with these things, asked.. ok begged that we stop over for a short while so I could get a picture or a video of the bird.. (you never know when National Geographic would come knocking on your door, right, I should at least be ready..) So we headed a few distances back, so not to get the little bird startled, Itoy had to turn off the engine because his customized "tambutcho" (what do you call this in English again? grrrr.. I should go back to school.. am getting really slow on these things..) was making too much noise… I slowly made my way, being very careful not to disturb the little bird perched on the tree but also the cow resting nicely on the grassy ground near me… This of course, didn’t work, for the reason that the bird might be smarter than me or was probably just a little too shy and didn’t want to be part of my National Geographic fantasies.. (I should ask if it knew what the English word for tambucho was…)

So, we were off again.. we stopped over the stores selling sweet sweet sweet corn (try one of those and you’ll agree there should be another word in the dictionary to describe how yummy it truly is….), I ate 1, Itoy ate 2.. I could’ve beat him to it, I just had a nice lunch and had breakfast too… I also bought a nice, very affordable squash, my mom makes this really delicious Korean-inspired porridge.

We then we’re off to a place called Gov. Leyson’s Peak (must be one of those politician’s dreams of naming places after them… why is that?).. Anyway, its a nice cool place (and by cool I mean the literal meaning…) it even felt like there was a typhoon over there, it was very cold, even my jacket was no match! We took a few pictures,  some videos, (Itoy and I are both really good photographers and models…) and when we had enough of it, left the place…. not without me saying thank you to the little lady who was manning the place, who I could swear was all-frowns before I said thanks…. (not sure if the smile was caused by us leaving or by me saying thank you though..)… I’ll try putting those pictures in my friendster account as soon as I have the time to deal with the hardware issues one has to tackle when downloading pictures or videos from a cellphone…

Then, we went back to civilization.. a little sad that our date with mother nature had to end because we had lives to live in the city…. But someday hoping to be able to acquire enough money to get our very own parcel of land in this paradise…. We were joking about putting up a little bahay kubo or a little store somewhere in Busay and then making our way into getting a house built… Well, it has to start somewhere, right? We even had our little plan of attack, this paycheck, he’s gonna get some nails and I some hollow blocks…. hehehhehe…. Yeah, I know we’re both really silly.. I guess that’s why we get along so well..

Well, my bed is calling out to me now.. but not without me explaining why the title of this blog and the first paragraph has nothing to do with its contents…. The message I really wanted to share was that I am encouraging people to see and experience the wonders that we have right here in Cebu before jumping off to other places… You will really be amazed at how lovely Busay is and how inexpensive it would be to appreciate it.. We didn’t even have to spend so much, just some gasoline and we were in paradise…. breathing fresh air, seeing the lush greenery that is Cebu and loving the simplicity of life. Yeah, I know, I am again being over-dramatic about these things but it is a wonder to behold and it is within your reach so why not go for it!

Also, if you’re not like me who just loves to look at trees swaying to the wind but prefer some sort of urbanized comfort, there are a lot of "tambayans" sprouting in the area; there is one just near the stalls where they sell the fresh veggies and the sweet corn, it is being constructed now, and I think the entrance fee is less than 50 pesos.. it should be a cool place to hang out it, they have a small duck pond, some little huts to lounge in and a store for your muchies… There is also one being constructed just below the road to Tops, a nice native-looking gazebo with a view to kill… (hopefully the phrase not to be construed literally because it honestly can be when you see the place…. it’ll be a long way down if you accidentally fall…).. and there are still a lot of other nice places to hang out it.. I got a feeling there are a lot more of those coming….

So, if you ever get a free Saturday, why don’t you bring your loved ones or a few friends and experience this simple yet breathtaking beauty that is Busay!!! You never know, you just might see something more than just a little bird swaying on a little branch.. and you might even get some pictures to prove it too!!!

nmed @ 2:45PM, Tuesday, Februrary 12, 2008 @ home

picture from by Dean Swope

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