Another Dream Sequence?

I dreamt of Jason Castro last night..

It was a Saturday and Jason Castro just finished his concert at The Terraces in Ayala, he was now signing CDs. I had missed the concert entirely but was out of breathe and trembling inside at the thought and sight of him.

I looked around to see where I could buy his CD so I could line up and get his autograph but I was informed it’s already sold out. I was a girl in yellow who was totting his CD and a poster and I asked her if she’d gotten his autograph and she said no… So as a desperate move I asked if I could tag along when she gets his autograph (actually I think I begged!) and she was kind enough to let me do that. We ran towards the line and the feeling was amazing! I was really ecstatic! She called her sister to get in line with us and I was thanking both of them profusely and then it was our turn to meet him.

I think I was totally starstruck by then because I barely remember how he looked or what I said.. I either said “Can I shake your hand or can I hold/touch your hand” and probably was trembling all over when I said it but he let me!!! OMG!!!!

I held his hand and didn’t wanna let go of it! I held his hand on both my hands!!! I think all I could say was Oh my God and I was shouting after that. I even put my hand on my face and smelled it. His hands really smelled very nice. Sigh….

I was still squealing and couldn’t believe that I really held his hand. That for a brief moment in time his hand was sandwiched in mine. He was still on stage and had pictures taken with a group of people. Then he went into a tent beside the stage to rest. There were some girls who were peering into the tent hoping to still see a glimpse of him.

We watched them while we recalled our “little moments” but later followed them. We waited outside the tent sharing stories and got to know each other better. After a long wait, Jason Castro got out of his tent with security guards around all him and we tagged along until he entered TGIF and again we waited outside to drool over him from the outside looking in. No one was allowed to enter (grr…) and my pleadings to service crews unfortunately didn’t get me an autographed tissue. I think we waited until almost 12 midnight and then he left towards the exit and into the dreamland where he resided. His beautiful face only now inculcated in our heads and his memory etched forever in our minds. Sigh….

Contrary to my first blog and my title, this was no dream sequence anymore… This all happened for real. This happened on March 20, 2010 at Ayala Center Cebu and it was a dream come true for me!

03/21/2010 @ 1:29PM at home