Something for Nothing

Something for Nothing
By: Neliza Marie E. Dakoykoy

There is a familiar quote we like to use that says “the best things in life are free”; but are they really? The cynics would say that “NO, nothing in this world of ours is free anymore!” I beg to disagree though…

I am such a sucker for freebies. Who wouldn’t want to get something for nothing, right? Especially today when everything has a peso equivalent, to get something for nothing is a wonderful thing!

So to get the best of the “freebie” world, I have here a list of friendly, tried and tested tips.

Listen to the radio. Probably less than 50% of the population know this and put this to good use, but the radio is one of the biggest sources of free stuff. Aside from hearing your favorite tunes, you can get tons of freebies; movie passes, concert tickets, GCs, and CDs are only some of these things. You just need to answer a few questions and you’re automatically in Freeville! I am a certified music/radio junkie so I should know– I’ve even won something as unusual as free pizza! And just today, I won something for a Camera Event this Saturday.

Take time to read posters/ads in newspapers or posted on walls. Posters and print ads exist to give information; many people ignore these things but some are actually ads for free stuff or discounts! Years ago, on Mother’s Day, I was able to bring my mom and 2 of my aunts to a posh hotel-based massage parlor for an entire spa session worth only a thousand bucks. They each got massages, a relaxing dip in the jacuzzi, sauna and great pampering. It might not have been free but with what they got out of it – it was a steal! How did I bump into this information? It wasn’t by accident, I got it from a little ad in the newspaper – one I was glad I made use of.

Accept leaflets/coupons given by promotional crews inside malls or in the streets. You think it’s just a waste of your time, but ponder on this – those people are handing those leaflets out because they want to share information, it might not be a freebie, it could be a leaflet for a fly now pay later job or a sale for reading glasses but you can’t deny that occasionally these are actually discount coupons. Be it for value meals or buy-one-take-one burgers. If some of these leaflets are no use to you, hand it over to someone who could use it; at least now you know. Word of advice, make sure to accept those from Jollibee or McDonald’s crews because those are discount coupons. And if you are ever in the Colon area, do not (and I repeat, do not) ever accept from those that say free medicines because it’s a scam – they will give you “free” medicines and then another guy will harass you into giving him money. (Take it from me, I KNOW, I was victimized once!)

When you avail of services like salons, spas or massages – bring a friend/s with you, don’t go alone. More than safety in numbers and aside from having chat partners; tagging friends along can actually let you avail of packages. Some companies offer “avail-of-3-fourth-one-for-free” or other kinds of packages wherein prices are relatively cheaper than when you’re alone. Another good thing about coming in groups is you can split the money amongst yourselves and still pay a smaller amount in the end – no wonder they call it “cheap in”!

Watch out for openings of malls, boutiques and department stores. Two words – FREE TASTE! Admit it, free tasting is one of the best free things ever invented! You don’t have to buy anything or even act like you’re interested in buying it; just line up and get your free food/drink. Ofcourse this doesn’t apply to boutiques obviously, but ever heard of those “first 100 customers” phrase? Most, if not all, apply this promotional tactic so I suggest you take advantage of it, you just might be able to get something exciting. This goes for closing/everything-must-go or inventory sales as well – there are a lot of good buys during these times too!

Be on the look-out for occasional promos. Christmas, graduation, Sinulog, Mother’s day – if there is an occasion, there is a big chance there is a promo somewhere. Be keen on these things so you don’t miss out on real sweet deals.

Those are my tips to get the best of Freeville and increase your freeability. (Freeville – the hypothetical perfect world where all things are free; and freeability – the ability to source out freebies or obtain things for free.)

So, are the best things in life really free? Probably; but not all, however, there really are things one can get for free – if one just knows where to look! So test drive my tips and I’ll see you in Freeville!

March 18, 2010 @ 2:26am

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