My Dark Angel Halloween Costume

Do you believe in coincidence?

I do and I’ve had a lot of experiences to show for it, one of which is for our Halloween Party in the office.

I was planning to just wear the white dress given to me by my sister-in-law, pair it with angel wings and a halo and voila, I’ll be a wholesome angel.

However, a series of coincidental events changed my Halloween look to exactly the opposite and this was the result:


This was what happened:

I went to an Ukay2x Store to look around for stuff after paying for my bills. I checked one store and saw a long black dress reminiscent of vampires and witches and I grabbed it immediately, thinking I’ll just pull off a gothic look.

A few blocks away, I saw another store that had some items on sale for 50 pesos. I just went through the shoe rack and saw what resembled a witches’ hat in a clear plastic. Intrigued, I checked it out and instead saw a black pair of wings with a maroon and black headdress. It was just for me!


Here are a few more snapshots…


Talk about coincidence, huh? It sure is!!

@ 2:50am, office, October 31, 2012

Organizing my son’s Kiddie Party in 10 Steps

For a few days, I’ve been all stressed about the coming 1st birthday celebration of my little boy Izel but just today, all those apprehensions turned into excitement.

Initially, my plan was to have a no-hassle party and just book a Kiddie Party Package at either Jollibee or McDonald’s but the no-hassle definitely came with the word “impractical” attached to it. That part stressed me was it would definitely spoil my budget plus the concept of having to pay for the food “after the party” scared me. (I dreaded the idea of possibly having to wash all the dishes should my bill reach critical level!!!)

So, I decided to organize my own Kiddie Party instead; have it at my Lola’s place and work out the details myself. After putting my plans into paper, everything became clear and I realized I could save and don’t mind the hassle at all.

Here is what I have achieved so far:

Step 1: Canvassed the streets of Colon for supplies (i.e. Invitation Cards, Party Hats, Balloons, Loot bags and an assortment of other Party Favors) and my hubby just had to buy a battery-operated Bubble Machine.

Step 2: Wrote my plans on paper including the budget allotted per item.

Step 3: Shopped for the initial party favors and while doing so decided to have a Spongebob-inspired Birthday Party because there were no Plants VS Zombies paraphernalia available.

This is the part I enjoyed the most even if has been the most tedious one so far. I scowled the streets of Colon (again, would you believe! even if I already had my initial canvassing period) and bought the following items for Party favors – all with Spongebob Designs:

20 pcs Invitation Cards
20 pcs Party Hats
20 pcs Small Loot Bags
1 Banner
50 pcs Character balloons in assorted colors
20 Spongebob Coloring Books for Loot bags
1 “Pabitin”
5 pcs Spongebob Pencil case sets for “Pabitin”

(Bought all of the above for the price of 650 pesos; in other high-end places, this will definitely cost more!)

Other items I bought from other stores for Game Prizes and additional items for the “pabitin” were:

5 Medium Bubble Wands
25 regular balloons for balloon bursting game
2 Spongebob clappers
2 Spongebob Kiddie Tennis Racket
1 Spongebob Battery-operated Toy Train

(the above items only cost me less than 250 pesos)

And as part of our decoration, but mainly for my little kiddo to play in, I got a mini swimming pool and will have to buy assorted mini balls to fill it with. As a bonus to end a busy Monday, Izel topped it off with a lot of priceless laughs, jumping, vanishing eyes and 6-toothful smiles!

Looks like I’m off to a good start so far… and then on to the other items of my list.

Step 4: Tie the items into the “pabitin” and buy additional candies and prizes for games.

Step 5: Look for a supplier for Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Pizza Stands. If these things cost too much, I’ll just buy the supplies and not rent the stall anymore.

Step 6: Draw the design of the Party Area.

Step 7: Get volunteers to help set-up the Party Area and help with the ushering.

Step 8: Make last minute Party Preparations (buy mine his papa’s and Izel’s clothes, attend mass, hubby to cook pancit bihon, prepare sliced bread and juice for drinks, buy the cake, etc.)

Step 9: Celebrate and enjoy!!!

Step 10: Document, take pictures and create a photo album not just online but with a real photo album.

With all these things all written down and planned, it all seems less of a hassle and more achievable. I am now more motivated to cross out all items on my list and just have a blast!!

They say my turning-1-year-old-son might be too young to appreciate it but I beg to disagree because he is a smart kid and shows his appreciation for even the simplest of things we do for him and for sure this one he will appreciate as well.

If not during his birthday, a couple of years after – – – when he sees his pictures!

Advance Happy Birthday my beloved Izel Kaleb!!!!

P.S. Izel’s birthday will be this coming November 16, 2012, Friday)

@ 5:46am 10/30/12, Tuesday; office