LENKA: Great music for easy listening


Lenka is one of my many favorite artists and apparently I am not the only one as her songs popularity has even gone into commercials for huge popular companies such as Disney Pictures and Windows.

If I remember it right, there was even a local commercial for a liquid bath soap that also used her “The Show” song as the background. I just could not recall what the commercial was and googling it didn’t give me the answer I needed. (When I reached page 5 of the search, I’ve lost hope in finding it..)

When I did google it, I also found out that most of her songs are actually used as movie soundtracks as well. Wow.. nice!

Anyway, here is a background of Lenka courtesy of Wikipedia:

Background information

Birth name : Lenka Kripac

Also known as : Lenka

Born : 19 March 1978 (age 36)[1] Bega, New South Wales,[2] Australia

Genre : Alternative pop

Occupations :  Singer, songwriter, actress

Instruments :vocals, piano, trumpet

Years active :2008–present

Labels :Sony Music/ Epic Records (2008–2012) Skipalong Records 2013–)

Associated acts :Decoder Ring

Website : http://www.lenkamusic.com

Here are videos of the commercials mentioned above:

Song: Everything At Once (Disney Pictures Commercial)

Song: Everything At Once (Windows 8 Commercial)

Here are other Lenka songs that I love:

The Show

Trouble is a friend

Heart skips a beat

Her songs are just so pleasing to the ears and the videos are pleasing as well.

Hope you enjoyed my featured artist today… more to come as I continually update my blog with my faves.

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(Credit goes to Youtube for all videos above)

VISPOP Songs: Intergalactic Gugma & Balay ni Mayang

I am a great lover of music, from the hits of the 80’s, to the rhythms of reggae and even to the sometimes corny Bisrock.

If you ever see me in concerts, no matter how far I am from the stage, I am the one always cheering and dancing to the music. Am I a drug addict, nope? Just a music addict!! 😉

Music is my vitamins and I could never live without it.

Just sharing two of new songs I like that are products of the Vispop (Visayan Pop) Songwriting Contest. It is now on its second year and the songs from the 1st year are now already being played on the airways. (much to my delight as I think Cebuanos are talented musicians/composers/singers and deserve attention as well)

This is my favorite entry for the Vispop 2.0 Visayan Music Composition.

“Intergalactic Gugma”
Words and music by Keith Dinauto and Kaye Dinauto
Interpreted by Tony Alfonso and Kaye Dinauto

The one below is from from the first Vispop Competition.

“Ang Balay Ni Mayang”
Interpreted by Martina San Diego and Kyle Wong
Words and music by Marianne Dungog and Kyle Wong

Hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do! 😉

(Credit goes to youtube for videos above.)

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Know more about Vispop here (http://www.artistko.com/vispop/about-vispop/).

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My Blog in Blogger – http://misunderstood33.blogspot.com/

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