Let’s rock! – my very own gif

For a few days now, I have been obsessing about drawing, sketching and a lot of creative stuff. I have already created a few drawings on Paint (very elementary ones, so bare with me please…) and have created gif images on my other blog…

Since this blog is about music and I have not posted anything lately, I decided to create my own gif image about music. (Again, I am still in the elementary stage of learning it.)

Here is my humble art project relating to music…


Enjoy… hopefully there is more to come and better ones!! 😉

07/25/14 5:14pm


Blog Spotlight : Eagle-Eyed Editor

This post is not about music but I just had to re-blog it. Definitely watch the video, then stop and do something else!

Pam Webb

Here begins a series of spotlights about blogs I follow. Maybe you’ll become a follower too!

When I first began blogging about two years ago I noticed a trio of bloggers who often stopped by my posts and left chatty comment bits. Quite encouraging and fun, actually. Think about it–we tip tap out our words, launch them out, and hope to spark some kind of response. Often off-the-cuff comments lead into revelations and further discussions.

Eagle- Eyed Editor has always encouraged me to dig a bit deeper by providing both thought provoking, as well as, humorous posts. Recipient of Freshly Pressed. Twice.  Many of 3E’s posts concern the impact of social media. Try out this post.

I mentioned I would show the “Look Up” video to my students and pass on the response:

I decided not to show my freshmen the video since I didn’t think they would get or…

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