JUST IN_OPM Thursdays: Takipsilim by Gloc9 featuring Regine Velasquez


I’m starting another weekly thing for my blog and will feature OPM Songs every Thursday.

This endeavor will be called OPM Thursdays. (Yeah, it’s a genius of a name, right??)

Since everything is pretty much saturated with Western music, it is but fitting to patronize and celebrate music that is truly Pinoy and songs that may not be mainstream but definitely worth the attention as well.

This is the 1st installment:

Here is a recent song discovery (recent meaning less than 3  months ago) that have given me the LSS (Last Song Syndrome) every since I heard it for the first time.

I personally like the songs of Gloc9 because of the realistic messages they portray and his great voice and rapping. He is also now doing collaborations with a lot of artists that I think are really going well and sounding really great!

 This is one of those..

 Takipsilim by Gloc9 featuring Regine Velasquez


I will feature more in the coming weeks so stay tuned next Thursday for another taste of OPM Thursday! (Wow, I feel like a DJ on my own radio talking to my listeners….I can still dream, can’t I? hehehe..)

Thanks for sharing your time with me and dropping by at musiCOOLogy101. ‘Til next time!!! 

 Nmed 04/09/2014 @ 1:49pm


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