Friday morning Rock Concert!

My sneakers and tattered jeans outfit today has given me a metal-rocker mood and so I will be featuring some really cool and great rock songs on this cloudy Friday. Just enough to give you some edge and help you end this week with a bang!

Without further ado, here is our Friday morning rock concert: 

rock concert

For the warm-up portion, here is Voodoo by Godsmack


Nothing Else Matters by Metallica


I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith


And for the cool down..I Would Do Anything for Love by Meatloaf


Just 4 rock songs for now ok, after all, it is still early in the morning and we don’t want to OD on rock…at least not just yet! (hehe) There’s plenty of time for that tonight or Saturday night.

Hope you enjoyed our little rock concert this morning and rock on!

Stay safe and say no to drugs!!! If you do need a high, get the natural high with M-U-S-I-C! It’s safe, doesn’t get anyone pregnant, doesn’t get you arrested and doesn’t kill your brains! ;-D Toodles!  


P.S. If you’re dropping by and enjoying my choice of songs, do drop me a note.. I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for paying my site a visit!

 Nmed 09/05/2014 @ 9:19am


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