OPM Thursdays: Get your rock on with URBANDUB!


Upon first glance (or hear in this case), you wouldn’t think the singer of these songs were Filipino because the songs were in English; really good English at that and really great instruments as well. They are actually Filipino musicians and hail from my proud city of Cebu! 🙂

I couldn’t include them on BisDAK Wednesdays because their songs were not in Cebuano but they definitely fall under the Original Pinoy Music category so they are getting featured on OPM Thursdays instead.

The band is now Manila-based but rocked Cebu before going to the capital (as there was this notion and probably is a fact that you can only get so much attention if you’re based in Cebu but it is in Manila where you get the most exposure..) but often have gigs in Cebu still and still is one of the must-watch acts in their genre of music.

The band I am talking about it Urbandub and here is their Wikipedia article as a backgrounder:

Urbandub is a Filipino rock band from Cebu CityPhilippines. Since its inception in 2000, the band’s line-up has consisted of Gabby Alipe (vocalsguitar), John Dinopol (guitarvocals), and Lalay Lim (bass, vocals). The band’s current drummer is JanJan Mendoza, who has been with the band since 2003.

Urbandub is the first indie band in the Philippines to release albums nationwide with the assistance of a major label. The label also featured Urbandub in a Pinoy rock compilation entitled “FULL VOLUME”, with a remake of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love”. The band recently garnered the attention of fans throughout Southeast Asia with a recent tour in Singapore.

Birth (2001)

Urbandub’s debut album suffered distribution problems due to the lack of support from major record companies. Later in the year, their first single “Come” was released and accompanied with a music video funded by Sonic Boom productions. The following singles from the album included “Boy”, “Give”, and “Would You Go”. Although only a modest success at the time, the album managed to earn the band some degree of notoriety within Cebu City. Birth is raw and heavy, with obvious influences of Deftones and other experimental rock bands. Though the album’s production quality was rough, it emerged as a successor to the scene that dominated independent radio in the mid 1990s.

Why wait any longer right, let us make way for Urbandub!! (whoot whoot..)


First of summer


New Tattoo

Alert the armory



The fight is over

Well, the fight is definitely not over because until now, this band is continually rocking the music scene with their great music and good looks. (I really think Gabby is hot! Sorry I couldn’t contain myself and had to share it here.. hehe)

These are just some of the songs from this band and there are more great songs that I might have missed so feel free to comment below if you find one that is not on this list but definitely deserves a spot here.

Thank you for joining me today on OPM Thursdays and long live OPM Music!!!

Nmed 09/25/14 @ 10:30am

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