Flashback Friday: Back to the 80’s!


Have I ever mentioned I love the 80’s? (I might have already done so multiple times and yet it seems to never be enough..)

It seems that no matter how many times I say it, I just have to say it again and again.. hehe..

Anyway, please allow me to apologize for not updating for the last week as I have been quite busy with a trilogy of very educational (not!) posts on my other blog which involved pictures of guys to drool for. (at least the ones I drool for anyway…)

I also got quite busy with a new ebook I downloaded on Vampires and Fairies entitled Pixie Dust that has had me quite intrigued for now plus all the cooking and selling I do on the side has kept me with lesser sleep for the past few nights…(I know, I know I probably am spreading myself too thinly again…I’ll try not to overdo it but my workaholic and routine-hating nature is on the rise again and THAT just has to be taken cared of otherwise all hell will break lose if just ignored…)

For the past few days I have also been consistently listening to and getting inspired by great 80’s music through Live365.com and so I am featuring a few songs from the 80s that I really love and want to share again to those who haven’t heard them in a while and to those who probably have not heard them at all.

So, join me today in Flashback Friday – Back to the 80s! 😉 (there are definitely more songs to love but I can’t possibly remember all of them, I just list them down as I hear them or remember them so this list is just part of many..)

Tears for Fears

Everybody wants to rule the world


Englishman in New York

Modern English

Melt with you

Culture Club

Karma Chameleon

New Order

Bizzare love triangle

Musical Youth

Pass the dutchie

Bon Jovi

You give love a bad name


Material Girl

Icicle Works

Whisper to a scream (Birds Fly)

Debbie Gibson

Electric Youth

Dire Straits

Money for nothing

Kenny Loggins



Sweet dreams are made of these


Take on me


Wake me up before you go-go

The B-52s

Love Shack

That’s it for now today on Flashback Friday… I have to stop looking for more songs because if i I didn’t, this post is going to take forever to get published..(and I am not being figurative on this one because I love the 80’s too much it will take me ages to get a complete list of songs I adore from that era…) 

Thanks for keeping me company during our trip back to the 80’s.. if you run into any other song that deserves a spot here, do leave a comment below so I can add it as well. 😉

Beep.. beep.. beep…ZOOOM!!! Welcome back! It is the 17th of October 2014…You’ve just been to the era of great music and came back to tell the tale!

Goodbye 80’s, you can bet I’ll be back again and again! 🙂

80s baby aerobics-dance

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BisDAK Wednesdays: Halo-halo Special

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Over the years, ever since bisrock was born and has been accepted and played over mainstream radio, songs have come and gone…


Here are songs that came and didn’t go but instead left an indelible mark in the Cebuano music industry and have captured the hearts (and ears) of the Cebuano music-loving population…

Solid ug lawas by Smooth Friction

Humba by Scrambled Eggs

Gugmayng Giatay by The Ambassadors

Hilot by Scrambled Eggs

Chinita by Assembly Language

Senior Citizen by Aggressive Audio

Bisan Pa

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Bisrock memory lane via our halo-halo of songs on todays BisDAK Wednesdays.

Be back next time for more!


nmed 10/08/2014 @9:56am

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A welcome earworm: Magic!

If you’re like me who has a huge tendency to get earworms (i.e. a song that lodges itself in your brain) and you’re also into reggae music, then you’ve probably heard their song Rude and it is probably one of your most recent earworms alongside a bunch of others.

For some reason, the first time I heard this song, I instantly loved it. Who could resist the cool reggae rhythm, the nice voice, the easy-to-relate to story and lyrics of the song, right? I for one, couldn’t! (The fact that the vocalist is really cute, has long hair and curly locks became a bonus shortly after seeing their video..)

I’ve never featured a new band and often stick to older bands who’ve already made their respective marks in the industry but I just couldn’t let this band pass.

Here’s a fresher band for some fresher music courtesy of Magic! (No, this isn’t a play on words, the band is really called MAGIC!)


Magic! (stylized as MAGIC!) is a Canadian reggae fusion band, composed of songwriter and record producer Nasri on lead vocals and Mark Pellizzer, Alex Tanas and Ben Spivak. In 2013, they released their debut single, “Rude“, from their debut album Don’t Kill the Magic. The band is signed to Sony Music Entertainment and is also partnered with Latium Entertainment in addition to RCA Records in the USA.[2][3]

Early beginnings

All members of the band are originally from the Toronto area’s. [4]The lead singer of MAGIC!, Nasri, had worked with and written songs for different pop acts prior to the start of the band, mainly alongside Adam Messinger, together known as The Messengers. He met Mark Pellizzer in the studio and within a week they wrote the song “Don’t Judge Me” for Chris Brown. Nasri described the chemistry between himself and Pellizzer as “different than writing chemistry, it was more artistic.” A few weeks later, while Mark was playing a reggae tune on the guitar, Nasri suggested starting a band like “modern-day Police.”[5][6]

2013–14: Don’t Kill the Magic

They released their debut single “Rude” on 12 October 2013, the song peaked at number six on the Canadian Hot 100, and also proved a great international success, topping the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom and peaking within the top ten of the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. “Don’t Kill the Magic” was released as the second single from the album on 4 April 2014, peaking at number twenty two on the Canadian Hot 100 and fifty three in Australia. The band released their debut album Don’t Kill the Magic on 30 June 2014. The album peaked to number 5 on the Canadian Albums Chart and number 6 on the Billboard 200.

In popular culture.

Magic! is featured on Shakira‘s “Cut Me Deep”, a track from her self-titled album released in March 2014. They are also featured on One Love, One Rhythm, the official 2014 FIFA World Cup album, with the track “This Is Our Time (Agora é a Nossa Hora)”.

Band members

  • Nasri – lead vocals, guitar
  • Mark Pellizzer – guitar, backing vocals
  • Ben Spivak – bass, backing vocals
  • Alex Tanas – drums, backing vocals

Without further ado, let the MAGIC! begin!!! (this is definitely a play on words…)



Let your hair down

No way no


How do you want to be remembered

No Evil

One Man One Woman

Don’t kill the magic

Cheers to the band’s early success and a toast to hopefully more beautiful songs coming from them… let not the music industry kill the magic that is MAGIC! 🙂

magic hand

Thanks for chillin’ with me today and hope you enjoyed our magical presentation… sorry but I just can’t help but stuff this post with the words magic for some reason.. hehehe…

Nmed 10/07/14 @ 1:33pm

Songs that make good status updates on Facebook

cat lying aroundmegamind boredbored_muppetbored

Unfortunately, today seems like a humdrum Friday for me so instead of picking another favorite band/singer to feature here, I have instead made a compilation of songs that I think would make great status updates on Facebook.

Here are the types of persons and what their status song is for Facebook:

 Pretty much everyone who isn’t one (me included) 🙂

Billionaire by Travy McCoy featuring Bruno Mars

“I wanna be a billionaire so freakin’ bad!”

Lovestruck teenager

Marry you by Bruno Mars

“Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you!”

Couple so in love and wanting to get married

I want to spend my lifetime loving you by Tina Arina and Mark Anthony

“I want to spend my lifetime loving you”

The Type A personality who wants to always get his way

My way or the Highway by Limp Bizkit

“I’m ‘a do things my way. It’s my way. My way, or the highway!”

Martyr in a relationship

Love the way you lie by Rhianna

“Just gonna stand there and hear my cry? But that’s ok because I love the way you lie..”

Boyfriend hated by his girlfriend’s dad

Rude by Magic

“Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human too?”

Someone unhappy in a current relationship

Thinking of you by Katy Perry

“Cause when I’m with him, I am thinking of you..Oh how I wish that I was looking into your eyes…”

A cheating boyfriend/girlfriend

Lips of an angel by Hinder

“But girl you make it hard to be faithful, with the lips of an angel”

A loving husband to a loving wife

All of Me by John Legend

“I give you all of me and you give me all of you..”

Confident plus size women who are comfortable in their own skin

All about that bass by Meghan Trainor

“You know I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll. So if that’s what you’re into then go ahead and move along.”

An overconfident guy who thinks he is God’s gift to women

I know you want me

“I know you want me, want me”

Someone choosing to make today the best day of his life

Best day of my life by American Authors

“This is gonna be the best day of my life!!”

Thanks for dropping by today and hope you are having the best day of your lives (unlike me today…) but I am sure with a little music therapy I should be better later. Toodles!!! 🙂


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BisDAK Wednesdays: “Kadangyan”

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On Bisdak Wednesdays today, I am featuring a group called Kadangyan that plays ethnic music. Although their songs aren’t really Cebuano, they made their waves in the Cebuano music alongside other artists like Urbandub and Budoy and even before the reggae trend or Bisrock trend made its way to Cebu.

I first saw this group during an album launching in Busay (more than a decade ago) and they are hard to miss firstly because of their signature tribal attire. (I was so amazed with what they were wearing that even before they sang onstage, my eyes were glued on them – especially their vocalist. And I have to admit I have the biggest crush on him… sigh..I saw him a couple of times around Cebu and everytime I bump into him, I get goose bumps.. hehehe…)

I think they are now already based in Manila and have been going on gigs in different parts of the country although they have not done so many in Cebu lately. (although they really should because people including me are longing to see them live in Cebu again..)

Here is what I got off the net about them:

kadangyan2 Kadangyan_Music_CD

KADANGYAN is a Cordilleran term which literally means “rich or wealthy”, while to others being rich or wealthy means financial happiness, for Kadangyan they consider themselves to be rich inside and to be rich in culture.Vision
• To be able to contribute to the formation of the brotherhood of men.Mission 
• To promote brotherhood through music and arts.


Band History: 

The band started from a group of visual and performing artists who shared the same passion and advocacy of promoting the unity of every culture through tribal music, so they decided to venture into music to further reach their market.

After a few performances and positive feedbacks from the audience, came more invitations from different event organizers and so the band continued to start and grow in the music industry.

The band was officially formed on the month of October in the year 2000 in Cebu City with members coming from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao regions.

Their music is a fusion of different Filipino traditional beats with the elements of modern rock music today by using indigenous instruments which were mostly hand made while adding up the modern drums and bass guitar, thus producing a distinctive Kadangyan sound.

Now KADANGYAN specializes in ethno-tribal rock music and likewise plays in an acoustic set-up which provides natural ambient music. The band performs different kinds of Filipino native rituals for different venues and special private occasions.

In 2002, the band released their first independent album which included the song “Kaluluwa” which is a universal soul chant and a call for rain that popularized during Sinulog festival in Cebu city.

Aside from the Ms Earth competition, the group has performed in events such as “Sarap to sundown”, “Octoberfest 2004” in Mindanao and Fete dela Musique last 2004 – 2007 in Metro Manila.

As what KADANGYAN always say “The beauty of every place in the world is its own culture”

Members of the band:

Baba Mitra – Vocals and Strings
Jan Govinda – Main Percussion’s and Back Vocals
Agit -Bassist
Zaryo– Drummer
Bhakta Raj -Detailed Percussion

See more at: http://band.castpel.com/kadangyan/about#sthash.toGKu5zh.dpuf


Now for a taste of something truly original, tribal and songs with deep roots…

Baba nam kevalam




Matira Matibay


(Sigh/Sob) Just listening to their songs brings back memories and the longing to see them again play in Cebu… I really hope they do because they have eager Cebuano music aficionados waiting to see them again! (me included)

Thanks for joining me today on BisDAK Wednesdays and hope you enjoyed the song from my featured band for today.. 🙂

Leaving you with their words:

“The beauty of every place in the world is its own culture”

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