BisDAK Wednesdays: “Kadangyan”

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On Bisdak Wednesdays today, I am featuring a group called Kadangyan that plays ethnic music. Although their songs aren’t really Cebuano, they made their waves in the Cebuano music alongside other artists like Urbandub and Budoy and even before the reggae trend or Bisrock trend made its way to Cebu.

I first saw this group during an album launching in Busay (more than a decade ago) and they are hard to miss firstly because of their signature tribal attire. (I was so amazed with what they were wearing that even before they sang onstage, my eyes were glued on them – especially their vocalist. And I have to admit I have the biggest crush on him… sigh..I saw him a couple of times around Cebu and everytime I bump into him, I get goose bumps.. hehehe…)

I think they are now already based in Manila and have been going on gigs in different parts of the country although they have not done so many in Cebu lately. (although they really should because people including me are longing to see them live in Cebu again..)

Here is what I got off the net about them:

kadangyan2 Kadangyan_Music_CD

KADANGYAN is a Cordilleran term which literally means “rich or wealthy”, while to others being rich or wealthy means financial happiness, for Kadangyan they consider themselves to be rich inside and to be rich in culture.Vision
• To be able to contribute to the formation of the brotherhood of men.Mission 
• To promote brotherhood through music and arts.


Band History: 

The band started from a group of visual and performing artists who shared the same passion and advocacy of promoting the unity of every culture through tribal music, so they decided to venture into music to further reach their market.

After a few performances and positive feedbacks from the audience, came more invitations from different event organizers and so the band continued to start and grow in the music industry.

The band was officially formed on the month of October in the year 2000 in Cebu City with members coming from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao regions.

Their music is a fusion of different Filipino traditional beats with the elements of modern rock music today by using indigenous instruments which were mostly hand made while adding up the modern drums and bass guitar, thus producing a distinctive Kadangyan sound.

Now KADANGYAN specializes in ethno-tribal rock music and likewise plays in an acoustic set-up which provides natural ambient music. The band performs different kinds of Filipino native rituals for different venues and special private occasions.

In 2002, the band released their first independent album which included the song “Kaluluwa” which is a universal soul chant and a call for rain that popularized during Sinulog festival in Cebu city.

Aside from the Ms Earth competition, the group has performed in events such as “Sarap to sundown”, “Octoberfest 2004” in Mindanao and Fete dela Musique last 2004 – 2007 in Metro Manila.

As what KADANGYAN always say “The beauty of every place in the world is its own culture”

Members of the band:

Baba Mitra – Vocals and Strings
Jan Govinda – Main Percussion’s and Back Vocals
Agit -Bassist
Zaryo– Drummer
Bhakta Raj -Detailed Percussion

See more at:


Now for a taste of something truly original, tribal and songs with deep roots…

Baba nam kevalam




Matira Matibay


(Sigh/Sob) Just listening to their songs brings back memories and the longing to see them again play in Cebu… I really hope they do because they have eager Cebuano music aficionados waiting to see them again! (me included)

Thanks for joining me today on BisDAK Wednesdays and hope you enjoyed the song from my featured band for today.. 🙂

Leaving you with their words:

“The beauty of every place in the world is its own culture”

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Nmed 10/01/14 @ 1:04pm

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  1. Jean govinda says:

    Hi salamat kaayo sa imung suporta kanamu, govinda jean

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