Flashback Friday: Back to the 80’s!


Have I ever mentioned I love the 80’s? (I might have already done so multiple times and yet it seems to never be enough..)

It seems that no matter how many times I say it, I just have to say it again and again.. hehe..

Anyway, please allow me to apologize for not updating for the last week as I have been quite busy with a trilogy of very educational (not!) posts on my other blog which involved pictures of guys to drool for. (at least the ones I drool for anyway…)

I also got quite busy with a new ebook I downloaded on Vampires and Fairies entitled Pixie Dust that has had me quite intrigued for now plus all the cooking and selling I do on the side has kept me with lesser sleep for the past few nights…(I know, I know I probably am spreading myself too thinly again…I’ll try not to overdo it but my workaholic and routine-hating nature is on the rise again and THAT just has to be taken cared of otherwise all hell will break lose if just ignored…)

For the past few days I have also been consistently listening to and getting inspired by great 80’s music through Live365.com and so I am featuring a few songs from the 80s that I really love and want to share again to those who haven’t heard them in a while and to those who probably have not heard them at all.

So, join me today in Flashback Friday – Back to the 80s! 😉 (there are definitely more songs to love but I can’t possibly remember all of them, I just list them down as I hear them or remember them so this list is just part of many..)

Tears for Fears

Everybody wants to rule the world


Englishman in New York

Modern English

Melt with you

Culture Club

Karma Chameleon

New Order

Bizzare love triangle

Musical Youth

Pass the dutchie

Bon Jovi

You give love a bad name


Material Girl

Icicle Works

Whisper to a scream (Birds Fly)

Debbie Gibson

Electric Youth

Dire Straits

Money for nothing

Kenny Loggins



Sweet dreams are made of these


Take on me


Wake me up before you go-go

The B-52s

Love Shack

That’s it for now today on Flashback Friday… I have to stop looking for more songs because if i I didn’t, this post is going to take forever to get published..(and I am not being figurative on this one because I love the 80’s too much it will take me ages to get a complete list of songs I adore from that era…) 

Thanks for keeping me company during our trip back to the 80’s.. if you run into any other song that deserves a spot here, do leave a comment below so I can add it as well. 😉

Beep.. beep.. beep…ZOOOM!!! Welcome back! It is the 17th of October 2014…You’ve just been to the era of great music and came back to tell the tale!

Goodbye 80’s, you can bet I’ll be back again and again! 🙂

80s baby aerobics-dance

nmed 10/17/14 @10:01am

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