Soaring high with the The Eagles on a FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the eagles

This is my Facebook status today:

” If bobbing your head, tapping your feet and looking high on drugs (not that I would know how that feels…)  in an  otherwise silent office with serious-looking people with their heads glued to their computer screens would qualify for crazy; then I am the craziest person in the entire 11th floor office! haha! (while listening to The Eagles songs on my headset…) ” 

But you can’t blame me… I am listening to the songs of one the greatest bands as well….(but you can blame my father for influencing me.. he happens to have great taste in music too!!!)

I was merely listening to their songs over but realized I need to listen to their songs consecutively and found this great playlist…

I have my headset volume turned up really high that I feel like I am in a real live concert! (possibly something I couldn’t afford too in real life but who cares, I am high just now listening to them over my headset! You don’t get that often!  hahaha…)

But in lieu of the live concert, speakers with full volume does the trick just the same! Rockin’ and soaring really high right now… (just scared someone might see me and validate me as crazy and actually send me to the loony bin with the loony tunes…)

Oh well!! Just join me in!!! hehehe..



nmed 12/12/14 @10:19am

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