Why music is such a great thing (and cameras are the next best thing ever!)


We all have our moments when we think no one is watching (or just forget that there is actually a camera in front of us) and we get carried away.

This is one epic and hilarious example.

This is what I like about music… it brings out such happiness in us and takes us to a different level where it doesn’t matter who we are, what we are or the roles we play in life…

I almost died trying to hide all my laughter while watching this video because I am unfortunately at work and this is supposedly a no-no. (Yikes.. but you can’t blame me, this is too good to let pass!)

Enjoy and hopefully you’re watching this at home where you can laugh out loud! You gotta love those moves.. I am jealous just looking at how he shakes it off really nicely! 🙂

Doesn’t that just want to make you sing along and groove too??

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