Thank God for Music! (my very own quote) ;-)

Music is a free and natural God-given

So, what’s your choice of drug for today?

Mine was Lady Antebellum, Lenka and Evanescence this morning.

And now, I think I am off to some Eagles this afternoon. 🙂

Cheers to the natural high!!!

Fiery Friday with Michael Jackson!


Whether you call it unfortunate or fortunate, I was born during the pre-internet era…where information came from word-of-mouth, books, encyclopedia, the radio and the television. Those were also the times when you could watch music videos only on TV and most of them were extended and seemed like mini-movies rather than just short music videos featuring the face of the singer plastered all over the whole tv screen. (no offense meant..hehe..)

I had a lot of favorites, mostly from Beatles and a lot of other 80’s artists. The best mini-movie type ones are from Michael Jackson. Definitely no question about how great the music was but watching the videos themselves was exciting and fun! He also apparently really goes “all out” on his videos and spends lavishly so obviously that would translate to what the audience is seeing as well.

In remembrance of the late but still great MJ, today’s Fiery Friday post is dedicated to him and his well-loved music and videos. (oh… and signature dance moves too!)

michael-jackson-recording-bad-25 502536-michael-jackson-617-409

Enjoy!! I know I will. (And I am!)

~ ~ ~



 Black or white

 Beat It

 Smooth Criminal

 Billie Jean

 They don’t really care about us

You rock my world

 Remember the time


mj gif

And to use his famous expression..“Whoo hooh!” 

Medleys to drive the Monday Blues away… ;-)


I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations this morning and the DJ played a really cool medley with the latest pop songs and I instantly liked it! The problem was I didn’t get the title (this is what I don’t like about radio..) and so far my Googling has not rewarded me with the information I need.

However, something good still came out of my Googling, I saw two cool medleys and I just have to share it here!

Summer Pop Medley 2014 – Sam Tsui & Kurt Hugo Schneider

19 SONG MASHUP by Eric Thayne, Mimi Knowles, & Amber Lynn

Hope you like them too! 🙂


~ ~ ~

Post Script:

Here is another great find!

2014 MASHUP! 33 songs in 3 minutes!