Fiery Friday with Michael Jackson!


Whether you call it unfortunate or fortunate, I was born during the pre-internet era…where information came from word-of-mouth, books, encyclopedia, the radio and the television. Those were also the times when you could watch music videos only on TV and most of them were extended and seemed like mini-movies rather than just short music videos featuring the face of the singer plastered all over the whole tv screen. (no offense meant..hehe..)

I had a lot of favorites, mostly from Beatles and a lot of other 80’s artists. The best mini-movie type ones are from Michael Jackson. Definitely no question about how great the music was but watching the videos themselves was exciting and fun! He also apparently really goes “all out” on his videos and spends lavishly so obviously that would translate to what the audience is seeing as well.

In remembrance of the late but still great MJ, today’s Fiery Friday post is dedicated to him and his well-loved music and videos. (oh… and signature dance moves too!)

michael-jackson-recording-bad-25 502536-michael-jackson-617-409

Enjoy!! I know I will. (And I am!)

~ ~ ~



 Black or white

 Beat It

 Smooth Criminal

 Billie Jean

 They don’t really care about us

You rock my world

 Remember the time


mj gif

And to use his famous expression..“Whoo hooh!” 

2 thoughts on “Fiery Friday with Michael Jackson!

  1. EarthSprout says:

    I adored MJ! As a child and only a year younger than he, I watched him in his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, had a private crush on him at a very early age, remember first seeing the “Thriller” Video on my honeymoon. I raised my kids as an adventurous Mom driving them in my sports car that fit two car seats, while playing and singing all of his tunes.

    My biggest gift back was when my son, who works for Apple, purchased my first I-pod and had the complete set of MJ’s music downloaded onto it.

    When he died I grieved for what felt to be three years–a very sad event for me. On the upside I do feel a connection with him yet. It is his creative genius.


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    • rastafari369 says:

      A lot of people love/d MJ and I have a feeling it is because of his pure and sincere love for music and how it translates to all his songs and then is felt by people who hear it. Not many artists can achieve that sense of familiarity and oneness with their listeners and I love MJ for that. He also really has fun and doesn’t look like he’s there just for the money but really for the art itself.
      Personally though, I prefer his old untouched look… 🙂 But that could just be me! 😉 hehe…
      Wow! A sports car instead of a family van? Really cool mom!! 🙂


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