Music Therapy: songs to make you happy

I apologize, I have not updated this blog in a while but that doesn’t mean I have not listened to any music (as I always do and it is an addiction I do not want and cannot ever withdraw from) nor have I stopped singing or learning any songs.

There is one song that is really keeping me inspired right now that listening to it makes me want to dance. (want to dance if in public but really dance when I’m with my son who seems to like it as much as I do…)

Anyway, without further ado.. here is the Happy song by Pharrell Williams.

If you had seen the movie Despicable Me 2, you would also hear this music when Gru realized he had feelings for his partner and was dancing along the way to meeting her.


Also, here is another song that makes you happy but in a more relaxed way and in reggae style.. This is not new but I thought it would be nice to add it here as well.

Don’t Worry Be Happy

With the many sad news happening around, we all should still try and be happy because life is short and life should be a celebration!! So clap along and don’t worry but be happy! 😉


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My Blog in Blogger –

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Oh well… gotta put some thought on that.

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My Dark Angel Halloween Costume

Do you believe in coincidence?

I do and I’ve had a lot of experiences to show for it, one of which is for our Halloween Party in the office.

I was planning to just wear the white dress given to me by my sister-in-law, pair it with angel wings and a halo and voila, I’ll be a wholesome angel.

However, a series of coincidental events changed my Halloween look to exactly the opposite and this was the result:


This was what happened:

I went to an Ukay2x Store to look around for stuff after paying for my bills. I checked one store and saw a long black dress reminiscent of vampires and witches and I grabbed it immediately, thinking I’ll just pull off a gothic look.

A few blocks away, I saw another store that had some items on sale for 50 pesos. I just went through the shoe rack and saw what resembled a witches’ hat in a clear plastic. Intrigued, I checked it out and instead saw a black pair of wings with a maroon and black headdress. It was just for me!


Here are a few more snapshots…


Talk about coincidence, huh? It sure is!!

@ 2:50am, office, October 31, 2012

Organizing my son’s Kiddie Party in 10 Steps

For a few days, I’ve been all stressed about the coming 1st birthday celebration of my little boy Izel but just today, all those apprehensions turned into excitement.

Initially, my plan was to have a no-hassle party and just book a Kiddie Party Package at either Jollibee or McDonald’s but the no-hassle definitely came with the word “impractical” attached to it. That part stressed me was it would definitely spoil my budget plus the concept of having to pay for the food “after the party” scared me. (I dreaded the idea of possibly having to wash all the dishes should my bill reach critical level!!!)

So, I decided to organize my own Kiddie Party instead; have it at my Lola’s place and work out the details myself. After putting my plans into paper, everything became clear and I realized I could save and don’t mind the hassle at all.

Here is what I have achieved so far:

Step 1: Canvassed the streets of Colon for supplies (i.e. Invitation Cards, Party Hats, Balloons, Loot bags and an assortment of other Party Favors) and my hubby just had to buy a battery-operated Bubble Machine.

Step 2: Wrote my plans on paper including the budget allotted per item.

Step 3: Shopped for the initial party favors and while doing so decided to have a Spongebob-inspired Birthday Party because there were no Plants VS Zombies paraphernalia available.

This is the part I enjoyed the most even if has been the most tedious one so far. I scowled the streets of Colon (again, would you believe! even if I already had my initial canvassing period) and bought the following items for Party favors – all with Spongebob Designs:

20 pcs Invitation Cards
20 pcs Party Hats
20 pcs Small Loot Bags
1 Banner
50 pcs Character balloons in assorted colors
20 Spongebob Coloring Books for Loot bags
1 “Pabitin”
5 pcs Spongebob Pencil case sets for “Pabitin”

(Bought all of the above for the price of 650 pesos; in other high-end places, this will definitely cost more!)

Other items I bought from other stores for Game Prizes and additional items for the “pabitin” were:

5 Medium Bubble Wands
25 regular balloons for balloon bursting game
2 Spongebob clappers
2 Spongebob Kiddie Tennis Racket
1 Spongebob Battery-operated Toy Train

(the above items only cost me less than 250 pesos)

And as part of our decoration, but mainly for my little kiddo to play in, I got a mini swimming pool and will have to buy assorted mini balls to fill it with. As a bonus to end a busy Monday, Izel topped it off with a lot of priceless laughs, jumping, vanishing eyes and 6-toothful smiles!

Looks like I’m off to a good start so far… and then on to the other items of my list.

Step 4: Tie the items into the “pabitin” and buy additional candies and prizes for games.

Step 5: Look for a supplier for Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Pizza Stands. If these things cost too much, I’ll just buy the supplies and not rent the stall anymore.

Step 6: Draw the design of the Party Area.

Step 7: Get volunteers to help set-up the Party Area and help with the ushering.

Step 8: Make last minute Party Preparations (buy mine his papa’s and Izel’s clothes, attend mass, hubby to cook pancit bihon, prepare sliced bread and juice for drinks, buy the cake, etc.)

Step 9: Celebrate and enjoy!!!

Step 10: Document, take pictures and create a photo album not just online but with a real photo album.

With all these things all written down and planned, it all seems less of a hassle and more achievable. I am now more motivated to cross out all items on my list and just have a blast!!

They say my turning-1-year-old-son might be too young to appreciate it but I beg to disagree because he is a smart kid and shows his appreciation for even the simplest of things we do for him and for sure this one he will appreciate as well.

If not during his birthday, a couple of years after – – – when he sees his pictures!

Advance Happy Birthday my beloved Izel Kaleb!!!!

P.S. Izel’s birthday will be this coming November 16, 2012, Friday)

@ 5:46am 10/30/12, Tuesday; office

A Message for my Son

I am going to be a mom soon, if I use my expected due date, it would be roughly 45 days from now. It is both an exciting and scary experience. Exciting because I adore and love kids (so having my own would be great for sure, no more borrowing!!) but scary because I honestly have no idea how to take care of a child, much more a new-born. So far, what I have done is almost-finish reading a pregnancy book, read online articles, buy a few baby clothes and some toiletries but other than that, not much really.

I guess I am hoping that when my baby comes, the motherly instinct just kicks in automatically and I’ll be super-mom! I am not sure really, I see moms out there and it seems like a no-sweat task to them being moms and most of them are even younger than me. I wonder how I’d assess in the mommy-spectrum when my turn finally comes, which isn’t very far from now.

My inclination is not to be like my mom, who was very strict to me and hardly let me do things on my own, exactly the opposite of how she treated my younger sister. In my younger years, I remember my mom always being over-protective about me and always wanted her way in my life, even the length of my hair! I abhorred the whole idea of not being able to make decisions of my own and I always felt like a prisoner because of how I was treated as a child. I had my moments of rebellion and distinctly remember tagging our house and mom’s number in my phone as prison and jail warden respectively. (entry discontinued…)

But enough about those negative things, I want this blog entry to be an inspirational one and not the exact opposite. I initially planned to just write about motherhood as a whole but then I was not able to finish my previous entry so now I am revising this entry from a purely narrative one to a list.

A list of the things I want my son to learn and put to heart when he lives his own life. I am calling this list, Mama’s Little Nuggets of Advise for Izel Kaleb, My Son:

My son, I hope when you are able to understand this, you will try to live it.

1. Always save for the rainy days. It might be such a cliche but really, when unexpected needs arise, its always great to have some money you can use. I still encourage the use of piggy banks, I am such a lover of the old ways. 🙂

2. Always be polite and courteous. Say “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, “Excuse me” and practice courtesy anytime and anywhere. It is courtesy that gets you anywhere and not flattery, as an infamous saying goes.

3. Have fun and do things that are fun. If you take things too seriously, you will grow old quickly and then you’ll end up regretting why you never enjoyed life to the fullest.

4. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sure you can indulge in some unhealthy food every now and then but eating natural foods makes your healthier and keeps you fit. (they taste good too!)

5. When you’re angry, take it out on a punching bag or a kicking pole because they are inanimate objects and feel nothing. People though, are exactly the opposite so don’t take it out on them.

6. When you’re sad, its ok to cry. Cry it out and then let it go.

7. Always wear your smile, it never goes out of style and helps you stay young.

8. Read books. Its the cheapest way to travel, meet people, experience new things and learn.

9. Be kind to animals. They too have feelings.

10. Be yourself. Its ok to be weird or different; that is what makes you YOU and what people will love about you.

11. Don’t suck up to people just to get ahead. Ass-kissing is not a rewarding act at all. When you get somewhere just because of that, you won’t last there long because someone else might be better at ass-kissing than you are.

12. Don’t be boastful of your achievements. Take pride but do not boast. People who boast about what they have achieved are insecure and boasting is their only way to feel good about themselves,

13. Climb a tree. Do this when you are older and be careful. I love climbing trees and its a great nature-therapy.

14. Bathe in the rain. The sense of freedom and being one with nature is such an exhilarating experience and I want you to experience this for yourself too.

15. Play Pinoy native games. I know it might be the era of PSPs, nintendos, computers and all high-tech gadgets but you should really try tago2x, syatong, takyan, slipper game and many other native games. If I were president and could make my own holiday, I would make one called “Native Pinoy Games Day” so each and every child can enjoy the games we used to play when we were yet kids.

16. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Just as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, does not do you harm or is illegal. Safe and clean is the best way to go about it.

17. Don’t gossip about other people or listen to others gossip. It is a waste of time and does you no good.

18. Join contests and aim to win but be prepared if you lose. If you win, well and good and congratulations but remember, winning is not everything. Keep in mind though that joining is better than letting the opportunity pass without trying it out for yourself.

19. Pray always. There is a higher power working in our lives and he always listens, so talk to Him.

20. Always be mindful of your surroundings and be alert. Its always good to be ready in case anything happens.

21. Do not throw litter anywhere, let the trash can serve its purpose. There are too many people littering the planet, so do not be one of them instead be an ambassador of cleanliness.

22. Keep your body and your mind clean. Those are your greatest assets so keep it always precious.

23. Help a person in need. A little act of kindness does wonders for your heart and your well-being.

24. If you need to do something, do it with all your heart and not with mediocrity because it will be a reflection of yourself. Mediocre input will only yield mediocre results.

25. Choose your friends wisely. They will make or break you and they won’t take the blame for it, you will.

26. Always look both ways before crossing the street. Its simple but it always works!

27. Always keep a cool head. A hot temper will get you in trouble.

28. Always make time for family. They are the only constant people in your life and will always be there for you no matter what.

29. Study well and finish your studies. You might not appreciate it when you’re in school but you’ll see its importance when you graduate and look for a job or open your own business.

30. Only give your heart to the person who deserves it and takes care of it. The heart is too fragile to be taken for granted and there are no replacements should it be broken.

Here you go, my son. I don’t want to sound like I am nagging by making my list longer than it is now. Just in case I am no longer around to remind you of things, I hope my list will be enough guide you through life. Remember that I love you and I always will.

– nmed –
10/22/2011 finished at 6:59pm

The Good Old Days

*** submitted this write-up to a community paper but it didn’t see print so it will now fill a space in my blog ***

The Good Old Days
Neliza Marie E. Dakoykoy

Ever had one of those days when you tell yourself the good old days are always better than today? You reminisce about the days when prices of commodities were cheaper, jeepney fares were not as high, and coffee was just plain coffee – not some fancy status symbol? Sometimes I have those days when I think of how the old songs made more sense and was not just composed of random ramblings or squeals; or those days when kids really were kids and still played in the streets and bathed in the rain. But this day is not one of those.

Because today, I do not reminisce of how it was better during the good old days rather how difficult it was for us who lived those times.

If I were a historian, I would refer to the good old days as the Pre Call Center and today obviously I’d call the Call Center Era.

I was one of those fortunate who lived thru the Pre Call Center Era and I witnessed the “shift.” When I graduated in college, I took the Civil Service Exam because my mother told me I needed it to get a good job in a government agency. (I passed but never got a government job.) I printed off gazillions of my resumes, checked the classifieds ads for job postings and walked around under the sun to submit my application to companies. I got my first job as a PR Person for an Optical Company and was paid a thousand every 2 weeks, sometimes given in installments. (Yes, back then, I was happy to get a hundred pesos for a day’s job; I was a fresh grad, I had to grab what was there.) After 2 months in that company, I got accepted in one of the leading Department Stores as Leasing Officer and I stayed there for five months before I got a job as a writer for an Advertising Agency. This time, I was bringing home at least two thousand every payday and yes, it was meager but ok then.

Then one of the first few offshore businesses sprung up in Cebu and I worked for an American Awards Company; first as Telephone Operator then as Customer Service Team Lead. That was when I first got a bigger pay and then all then all the shift happened.

People were drinking coffee that was more expensive than 2 value meals combined; they were having smoke breaks; cellphones and mp3s became a must-have and one need not graduate to get a high-paying job. Somehow it was now easy to bring in the bucks without slaving over assignments and projects in school.

Things have become totally different…

I am not saying it’s a bad thing of course, in fact I am saying that the Call Center Era is a good thing and that those who’ve been fortunate not to experience the Pre-Call Center Era should be thankful. Their lives are much more convenient nowadays, thanks to the Call Center Industry. These things might seem little yet there is much to appreciate about them, their lives are a lot better now and here are only some of their conveniences:

Resumes can be submitted via email or thru websites – beats all the walking
Initial interviews are done over the phone – no travel, no formal clothes, no expense!
Walk-in applications – you can enter a building jobless and come out with a sign-up bonus and a free movie pass
You can work while studying – and you’re not limited to just fast food chains
You can be an undergrad or a fresh grad and you still have an edge over those who’ve graduated – which was never heard of before
You could be earning more than your seniors – so true
No age limit – way to go grannies!
Your first job and you’re earning not less than 12K a month – imagine mine with only 100 per day?
You can wear slippers to work and not get in trouble – Havaianas anyone?
You can easily afford a cup of coffee worth 150 pesos and all other perks – sky is the limit for you plus you have a credit card too!
Best of all, you get the prestige that comes with saying “I work in a Call Center.!”

I would say to you though, enjoy it while it is still here and take advantage of it. And then later on, if and when the Post-Call Center Era does arrive, you can say “those were the good old days and I enjoyed it!”

August 3, 2010, Tuesday
@ 6:40PM

Road Kill

Call me melodramatic and mushy but I again cried my heart out last dawn while heading for home.. Why? Because I witnessed an event all too common in the Philippines – – a dog getting hit by a car. For a self-confessed animal lover like me, these events are just something I can’t bear to see. I have 2 turtles, a pair of love birds and have had a lot of dogs and I consider them family – its painful for me to lose them, especially if it was due to a brutal way.

This is not the first for me though, I once witnessed the death of a helpless kitten in the middle of the road once and that got me all torn up and I literally cried a river. I am not sure if I ever wrote about that though but that was a very sad episode. We were walking the sidewalk of Jones Avenue when I heard the faint voice of a kitten. I searched for where the sound was coming and it was from the middle of the street, a kitten was in the middle of the street probably looking for it mama. I was about to go and fetch him when suddenly a taxi swerved by and hit it. I saw it whirl around in disorientation and then I broke down into tears. (I act like such a hard person but I am really just a sissy deep down inside.)

My thoughts were I could have saved it but it was too late. I was right there and I couldn’t do anything. I was crying all the way home and I was totally messed up. I hated that I was too late, I hated that the kitten had to experience such a brutal fate, and I hated that that just happens here like it was normal! I hated that I saw the whole thing and that there was nothing I could do! I blamed myself and I cried for the poor kitten.

And that happened again, with the dog. We were driving in a motorcycle in the Banilad area, in front of the Grand Convention Center when suddenly a dog ran in front of us, Itoy was able to apply the brakes and the dog ran all the way to the middle of the street where a lot of other vehicles were passing by. We didn’t get very far when I heard the dog squeal in pain and I looked back at it, I saw it dragging half of its body to get away and I again broke down in tears. I couldn’t bear to look back anymore and Itoy just drove on because he didn’t want me to see it either. I was distraught and was sobbing because I took pity on it. I don’t think it was the dog’s fault; another dog was chasing him which led him to run away and towards what possibly was his brutal death. I cried all the way and Itoy was as always, calm but was angry at how the taxi didn’t even try to avoid hitting the dog.

I ask myself why some people are just so brutal to these animals? Do they think they are the only ones who have the right to live? I ask myself why in our country, we can’t prosecute people who do this? But then I realize, if justice is flighty to people, more so for helpless animals like stray dogs or cats. If some people don’t even value lives of people, how do you think they’d treat God’s little creatures?

I do hope our new president is able to do something about this as well. I am not a fan of his from the beginning but he seems to be proving himself in little ways so I really hope he becomes an instrument of change in our country. We really need it!

@ 12: 38a July 7, 2010 by nmed