BisDAK Wednesdays: Halo-halo Special

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Over the years, ever since bisrock was born and has been accepted and played over mainstream radio, songs have come and gone…


Here are songs that came and didn’t go but instead left an indelible mark in the Cebuano music industry and have captured the hearts (and ears) of the Cebuano music-loving population…

Solid ug lawas by Smooth Friction

Humba by Scrambled Eggs

Gugmayng Giatay by The Ambassadors

Hilot by Scrambled Eggs

Chinita by Assembly Language

Senior Citizen by Aggressive Audio

Bisan Pa

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Bisrock memory lane via our halo-halo of songs on todays BisDAK Wednesdays.

Be back next time for more!


nmed 10/08/2014 @9:56am

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BisDAK Wednesdays: Rommel Tuico (“Dili Tanan”)

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If you’re in Cebu and listen to the radio frequently, then you are not a stranger to the somewhat-going-mainstream songs of Rommel Tuico.

His songs, which are reminiscent (both in melody and lyrics) of the novelty songs by Yoyoy Villame and Max Surban are definitely getting the attention of the listening public.

Undeniably, when I heard it for the first time, it got my attention and I instantly became a fan! My 2-year old son also shares the same excitement every time he hears the song and even sings it with his own lyrics “dili tanan gwapo, gwapo!”. It never fails to make me smile and laugh.

As an avid fan of Bisrock ever since it first started and while it was not as saturated (and somewhat became overrated because of bands that just created songs for the heck of it without regard for musically and sense); the meaningful and lively somewhat reggae style songs from this Cebuano artist was really cause for renewed appreciation on Cebuano talent and music.

His songs are relatable, funny, and easy to listen to and in fact even causes LSS (Last Song Syndrome) on most times.

Sharing his songs here to give you guys the LSS as well for today! Sorry, I unfortunately don’t have a Wikipedia article on him but I just learned that he was part of the band Stage Crew before.

rommel tuico

Anyway, here are his songs for your listening pleasure….

Bugnawng Simud

Inday kon Ugaling

Lagong ug Langaw

Eleksyon Rhapsody


Bokalista sa sikat nga banda

Ok ra


Salvador del Mundo

Halos tanan

From Kamagayan with love


Saving the best for last…

Dili Tanan

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed our Bisdak session today. Come back again next week for another session of BisDAK Wednesdays!


Nmed  09/24/14 10:15am