Is there an explanation?

summer jam series

I call it the John Lennon Syndrome! 

I could actually win The Singing Bee but will definitely fail the “Name your Colleagues” quiz!

Anybody out there who shares the same symptoms? 😉 Maybe there are others out there too??

Duets for a romantic Wednesday

Yesterday, I heard 2 not so new duets that I just had to feature here… 

The first song I heard while listening to Christmas Radio over at and the second one I heard before heading to bed while still listening to the radio.

 Hope you’d love them as much as I do! 

Song# 1: 

Cold Outside by Dean Martin and Martina Mcbride

 Song # 2: 

Something Stupid by Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams


I also like another duet that I didn’t hear yesterday but definitely deserves a spot here.

Song # 3: 

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum


I know it is still the middle of the week but sure feels like a Friday romantic-dinner-night courtesy of the songs above… 😉

May you have a romantic day!!! And advance Happy Valentines for next year!!


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