The (actual) healing power of music

music heals

This video below is from Music and Memory Blog and is a powerful and real-life example of how music can and has helped people with medical conditions.

For someone who loves music as much as I do and who would like to spread the love to all, this really made me teary-eyed and I would like to dedicate this post to those who are ill and those who need all the more love and music in their lives.

Here are some classic old songs (mostly) that really hit the spot and are great for motivation and inspiration:

May all this music heal you….

First one is inspired by Henry from the video above, Singing in the rain. 

What a wonderful world

Let It Be

We are the world

You raise me up

Amazing Grace

Don’t stop believing

Stand by me

Take Me I’ll Follow

Heal the world

The Jubilee Song

Tell the world of his love

My Grown-up Christmas List (very apt because Christmas is right around the corner already…)

Just googling all these songs and listening to them is making me all teary-eyed so I’ll end here, otherwise, I’ll have a bucket of tears without even finishing this whole post.

Hoping those who share my post today will also get inspired and motivated and ultimately “healed” not necessarily in body but also in spirit… 🙂


nmed 11/05/14 @ 11:21am