Izel’s Weekend Jam presents: “How to play the guitar without an actual guitar”


My son loves Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Otherside” and it was fun to have caught him on camera jamming to the song with his make-believe guitar and his solid rockin’ moves!

Do check out his big finish! 🙂

I guess the love for music does run in the family…enjoy!



Flashback Friday

Ok, pop quiz! 

What is the one common thing in the following group of words? 

[ All that she wants, The Sign, It’s a Beautiful life, Cruel Summer, Happy Nation, Don’t turn around ] 

Well, aside from possibly interesting movie titles, these are actually songs of the 1990’s music group Ace of Base and were in fact great dance hits during their time.

And as proof of how timeless music is; it has not lost its touch because even if you listen to these tunes in this “Gangnam Style” music era, they still make you want to dish out those groovy dance moves!

Go and have a listen! If you were born during the 80’s and 90’s, then have fun reminiscing the good old days but if you’re from a younger generation, then enjoy the time travel! 🙂

ace-of-base-champions-of-90s-style-1-21398-1348779832-1_big ace of base

Ace of Base is a Swedish pop group, originally consisting of Ulf “Buddha” Ekberg and three siblings, Jonas “Joker” Berggren, Malin “Linn” Berggren and Jenny Berggren. They released four studio albums between 1992 and 2002, which sold over 30 million copies worldwide, making them the third-most successful band from Sweden of all time, after ABBA and Roxette.

Happy Nation / The Sign is one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, and was certified nine times platinum in the United States.[1] It was the first debut album to produce three number 1 singles on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart: “All That She Wants“, “The Sign” and “Don’t Turn Around“.[2]

Following the formal departure of singer Linn in 2007, the band performed a series of concerts as a trio in Europe and Asia from 2007 through 2009. Jenny revealed in November 2009 that she would be taking indefinite leave from the band to focus on a solo career.[3] In 2009, Jonas and Ulf recruited two new female vocalists, Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson, and released The Golden Ratio in September 2010.


Ace of Base formed in Gothenburg,Sweden.

In 1987, following a number of years as part of a new romantic and punk covers band called G Konrad, Jonas Berggren formed a band with two friends, Johnny Lindén and Niklas Tränk for a school project; his sisters Linn and Jenny joined as singers. The new band went through several names: Kalinin Prospect (after an avenue in Moscow); CAD (Computer-Aided Disco); and Tech-Noir (French for black technology, after a nightclub in the film The Terminator).[4] They toured the clubs of Sweden with self-written material, techno inspired by the likes of The KLF and Snap!. Johnny left the group in 1989, and Niklas made his departure known by failing to appear at a performance, instead attending a Rolling Stones concert on the other side of town.[5] Jonas asked his friend Ulf Ekberg to stand in for Niklas. The new quartet sought a new name to make a fresh start. Linn was reported saying: “No one could pronounce the name of the group and nobody could remember it”. They settled on Ace of Base, because they were the “masters of their studio”, the basement of a car-repair shop.[6]

However, the band continued to struggle to gain any recognition, partly due to the preference of heavy metal over techno in their home town, according to singer Jenny.[7] In 1991 they responded to a newspaper ad by producer John Ballard who was looking for new talent. He was somewhat unsure about their potential, but did pass them on to Klas Lunding at Telegram Records who helped them record an early demo for the song “Wheel of Fortune” in their newly renovated studio. Despite this, it did not convince Telegram to sign the band, and other labels in Sweden still showed no sign of interest. The demo was eventually sold for a small price to the independent Danish label Mega Records in March 1992.[8] “Wheel of Fortune” was re-recorded and released as a single in Denmark in May but failed to hit the charts. A small-budget music video was shot and directed in a small studio by Viking Nielsson[9] and in September, after two failures, the single finally reached the charts.

~ ~ ~

Now that our history trip is done, let’s get on with our music trip for today! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed that music trip down the 1990’s music lane.

Don’t Turn Around to the Cruel Summer and instead look forward to a Happy Nation because All That She Wants is The Sign that It’s A Beautiful Life! 😉


Don’t mind John..he’s just chilling with us for a bit! hehe..

Is there an explanation?

summer jam series

I call it the John Lennon Syndrome! 

I could actually win The Singing Bee but will definitely fail the “Name your Colleagues” quiz!

Anybody out there who shares the same symptoms? 😉 Maybe there are others out there too??

Welcome the Summer Vibe!!


You know it’s officially summer when:

1. Your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc page is flooded with people on beaches and in swimsuits but you’re in the office slaving over work wishing you were at the beach too! (ouch) 

2. You just can’t get away with only showering once for an entire day!

3. Clothing preference becomes shorter, skimpier and thinner but with more colors!

4. Your electricity bill skyrockets so high that your head is on fire because you have to pay it! 😉

Not all of us can enjoy summer as carefree as students can because we either have work or don’t earn enough to actually splurge on these summer escapades so in lieu of such, here are great songs to give you the summer vibe!

So lounge back on your chair, put up our feet (well, maybe except if you’re in the office) and help yourself to a tall glass of pina colada (or good old cold H2O if you’re in the office) because we’re going beaching right now!! 😉

Stay hot my hotties but don’t burn! 😉 (My summer version of “stay cool but don’t freeze!” hehe) 


Doctor’s Prescription (Rx): a dose of music for a healthier life


I have a daily newsletter subscription from Web MD and when I opened my mail today, interestingly I found this really cool quiz about the health benefits of music. So of course I took it and got all answers correctly except for one (which I would’ve gotten if I hadn’t changed my mind on the answer). Yey!!! Just proves I am a music genius! Hahaha…. (I can dream, can’t I?)

The link to the quiz is below but I am sharing the quiz answers (because I can and I am a party pooper, hehe) so it is easier to digest rather than actually taking the quiz.


So what are the health benefits of music?

Here are Web MDs answers:

Music Trivia # 1: Do you know what an earworm is?

No, not the literal one, thank goodness!

An earworm is a song that lodges itself in your brain. People who say music is important to them have a harder time getting rid of earworms. Next time you can’t get a song off your mind, just know that it will go away. That works better than trying to trying to block it out.

This made me realize, my ear is full of earworms… yikes.. if this were to be literal, I’d die!!

Music Trivia # 2: Do you think those piano lessons you took when you were a kid are helping you now?

Apparently, it does!

Playing a musical instrument trains the brain. The effects can last long after you quit. College students who had music lessons as children were better able to pick out pitch and other key elements of sound than those who hadn’t.  That was the case even if the music lessons had ended years earlier.

Music Trivia # 3: Do people who are “tone deaf” or are unable to carry a tune, usually have hearing problems?

Not all.

About 1 in 50 people are “tone deaf.” Their hearing is fine, but they don’t notice when someone hits the wrong musical note. It may be inherited.

I am so thankful I am one of the 49 who aren’t – otherwise, that would be a total bummer.

Music Trivia #4: Do faster –paced music make you work out harder?

If you guessed yes, then you are right!

There’s a good reason for choosing an upbeat song over a moody ballad when you exercise. In one study, men cycled harder and quicker, and enjoyed it more, when listening to faster music.

Music Trivia #5: Do you think feel good music is good for your heart?

And the answer is a hearty YES! (Ofcourse I had to use the word hearty, duh!!)

Your favorite songs don’t just make you tap your feet or boost your mood; they might also be good for your heart. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that when people listened to music that made them feel good, they had better blood flow, which is good for your heart and blood vessels.

Music Trivia #6: Music can help during stroke recovery?

Aha!  And you thought I was just imagining all this music therapy thing, right? (I guess I should start adding PhD in Music after my last name on every paper I write my name on, ey?)

After a stroke, people who listened daily to their favorite music remembered more, could focus better, and were less depressed and confused than those who hadn’t, one study shows.The reason  isn’t clear, but one possibility is that listening to music involves several parts of the brain.

Music Trivia #7: If you have speech problems from Parkinson’s disease, music therapy may help with?

(I swear, the article really did say “music therapy”) And apparently, it even helps with Parkinson’s disease too!

If you have Parkinson’s disease, you may have slurred or unclear speech because of breathing problems or trouble moving your mouth or tongue. Through music therapy, you can learn how to “sing” words and hold single syllables to get better breath support. If you focus on the rhythm of a piece of music, it might help you walk or move better. Music can also slow down your body when it’s overactive.

Music Trivia #8: Kids who play an instrument or sing often are more likely to?

This is the part I got incorrectly as I was assuming the answer would be very health-related but hey, I like the correct answer better too especially because I have a little musiCOOLogist at home! 😉 You may refer to my previous post.

You may tire of hearing your child sing the Sesame Street song or play drums, but it may be worth it in the long run. Music builds reasoning skills and helps children learn and remember. Children who regularly play an instrument or sing are more likely to go to college, and to do well in math, science, and reading.   

Now that you know there are multiple health benefits from listening to music, why not join in me in musiCOOLogy 101 classes and be happier and healthier!!! Just as the doctor prescribed… 😉



nmed @ 10:18am 06/19/14

(thanks to google search for pictures above)

Michael Bublé: my music therapy

I feel just under the weather today with my dysmenorrhea (sorry Too Much Information) and swollen tonsils so I’m going for something sentimental and sensual.

I feel like just lying on my bed and sleeping but it’s a luxury I cannot afford since I am at work so I’m going for the next best thing…

MUSIC THERAPY: courtesy of spine-tingling singer Michael Bublé. I’m sure after a few minutes of bathing into his sensual music (which is equivalent to a massage), I’ll be just a little ok and can get through another grueling 4 hours at work.

We’ll start with the ever nostalgic song entitled “Home”

 Next is his rendition of a classic “The way you look tonight”

 Another nice one from his is “Close your eyes” (something I really want to do right now…)

 Let’s do an upbeat one, shall we with “It’s a beautiful day” (I should be taking his advise on this one…)

 Here is another less-sentimental one, “Everything”

 It’s just so hard to get enough of him, here is “Haven’t met you yet”

 And to end my list today is his sexy rendition of “Save the last dance for me”

Wow, I feel a whole lot rejuvenated! Plus I did take some meds but am sure the music therapy helped all the more.

Thanks for sharing this music therapy with me and hope you had your fill of Michael Bublé like I did.

 Hold on, here is the Wikipedia background on Michael Bublé:

 Michael Steven Bublé (/ˈbbl/; born 9 September 1975) is aCanadian[2][3][4] vocalist, songwriter and actor. He has won several awards, including four Grammy Awards[5][6] and multiple Juno Awards.[7] His first album reached the top ten in Canada and the UK. He found a worldwide audience with his 2005 album It’s Time, and his 2007 album Call Me Irresponsible which reached number one on the Canadian Albums Chart, the UK Albums Chart, the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart, the Australian ARIA Albums Chart and several European charts.

Bublé’s 2009 album Crazy Love debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard200 after three days of sales, and remained there for two weeks. It was also his fourth number one album on Billboard‘s Top Jazz Albums chart. His 2011 holiday album, titled Christmas, was in first place on the Billboard 200 for the final four weeks of 2011 and the first week of 2012, totaling five weeks atop the chart, it also made the Top 5 in the United Kingdom. With this, Christmas became his third-consecutive number-one album on the chart.

His latest album, To Be Loved, was a big success. Released in April 2013, it was preceded by the release of the lead single and original composition “It’s a Beautiful Day”. “Close Your Eyes” followed, and “After All” featuring Bryan Adams was performed by him as a UK exclusive and posted on YouTube. The single came out in late September 2013.

 And of course, his picture: (now, who could resist some music therapy with him, right?)


 nmed 06/05/14 @ 1:20pm