Feel Good LSS Reggae Friday! :)

Ok, so I started my Friday a bit groggy because of lack of sleep but when I heard this song (for the first time today as I’ve not been listening to the radio for a while), me and my son automatically danced to the rhythm and I’m an instant fan! I got all pumped and had to search for it…

Played it over and over and over and over again (ok talk about obsessive… haha), shared it on my social media accounts, shared it to my co-workers and friends and am blogging about it! Sorry but it was too good of a song to pass up FOR A FRIDAY!

So, maybe it’s just the crazy me but this song is seriously my ANYDAY FRIDAY ANTHEM!

So here it is and dance with me this Friday!!! 🙂


Welcome the Summer Vibe!!


You know it’s officially summer when:

1. Your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc page is flooded with people on beaches and in swimsuits but you’re in the office slaving over work wishing you were at the beach too! (ouch) 

2. You just can’t get away with only showering once for an entire day!

3. Clothing preference becomes shorter, skimpier and thinner but with more colors!

4. Your electricity bill skyrockets so high that your head is on fire because you have to pay it! 😉

Not all of us can enjoy summer as carefree as students can because we either have work or don’t earn enough to actually splurge on these summer escapades so in lieu of such, here are great songs to give you the summer vibe!

So lounge back on your chair, put up our feet (well, maybe except if you’re in the office) and help yourself to a tall glass of pina colada (or good old cold H2O if you’re in the office) because we’re going beaching right now!! 😉

Stay hot my hotties but don’t burn! 😉 (My summer version of “stay cool but don’t freeze!” hehe) 


A welcome earworm: Magic!

If you’re like me who has a huge tendency to get earworms (i.e. a song that lodges itself in your brain) and you’re also into reggae music, then you’ve probably heard their song Rude and it is probably one of your most recent earworms alongside a bunch of others.

For some reason, the first time I heard this song, I instantly loved it. Who could resist the cool reggae rhythm, the nice voice, the easy-to-relate to story and lyrics of the song, right? I for one, couldn’t! (The fact that the vocalist is really cute, has long hair and curly locks became a bonus shortly after seeing their video..)

I’ve never featured a new band and often stick to older bands who’ve already made their respective marks in the industry but I just couldn’t let this band pass.

Here’s a fresher band for some fresher music courtesy of Magic! (No, this isn’t a play on words, the band is really called MAGIC!)


Magic! (stylized as MAGIC!) is a Canadian reggae fusion band, composed of songwriter and record producer Nasri on lead vocals and Mark Pellizzer, Alex Tanas and Ben Spivak. In 2013, they released their debut single, “Rude“, from their debut album Don’t Kill the Magic. The band is signed to Sony Music Entertainment and is also partnered with Latium Entertainment in addition to RCA Records in the USA.[2][3]

Early beginnings

All members of the band are originally from the Toronto area’s. [4]The lead singer of MAGIC!, Nasri, had worked with and written songs for different pop acts prior to the start of the band, mainly alongside Adam Messinger, together known as The Messengers. He met Mark Pellizzer in the studio and within a week they wrote the song “Don’t Judge Me” for Chris Brown. Nasri described the chemistry between himself and Pellizzer as “different than writing chemistry, it was more artistic.” A few weeks later, while Mark was playing a reggae tune on the guitar, Nasri suggested starting a band like “modern-day Police.”[5][6]

2013–14: Don’t Kill the Magic

They released their debut single “Rude” on 12 October 2013, the song peaked at number six on the Canadian Hot 100, and also proved a great international success, topping the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom and peaking within the top ten of the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. “Don’t Kill the Magic” was released as the second single from the album on 4 April 2014, peaking at number twenty two on the Canadian Hot 100 and fifty three in Australia. The band released their debut album Don’t Kill the Magic on 30 June 2014. The album peaked to number 5 on the Canadian Albums Chart and number 6 on the Billboard 200.

In popular culture.

Magic! is featured on Shakira‘s “Cut Me Deep”, a track from her self-titled album released in March 2014. They are also featured on One Love, One Rhythm, the official 2014 FIFA World Cup album, with the track “This Is Our Time (Agora é a Nossa Hora)”.

Band members

  • Nasri – lead vocals, guitar
  • Mark Pellizzer – guitar, backing vocals
  • Ben Spivak – bass, backing vocals
  • Alex Tanas – drums, backing vocals

Without further ado, let the MAGIC! begin!!! (this is definitely a play on words…)



Let your hair down

No way no


How do you want to be remembered

No Evil

One Man One Woman

Don’t kill the magic

Cheers to the band’s early success and a toast to hopefully more beautiful songs coming from them… let not the music industry kill the magic that is MAGIC! 🙂

magic hand

Thanks for chillin’ with me today and hope you enjoyed our magical presentation… sorry but I just can’t help but stuff this post with the words magic for some reason.. hehehe…

Nmed 10/07/14 @ 1:33pm

Bob Marley Friday

The moment I sat on my desk, I immediately and unconsciously sang Bob Marley songs…(even if at home I started my day with a CD from Parokya ni Edgar…)

And that could only mean one thing… today is Rasta Friday! And who else personifies this but the great Bob Marley himself!

So come and chill out with me reggae style today with the Reggae Legend BOB MARLEY!!!

No introductions needed on this one definitely…

bob marley

Three Little Birds

One Love

Redemption Song

No Woman No Cry

Could You be loved

Is This Love

Buffalo Soldier

One Drop



no pain bob marley

Spot on Bob!!! I couldn’t agree more!! 😉

Happy Friday everyone and hope you enjoyed our music trip with Bob Marley!!!

Nmed 09/12/14 @ 8:16am


After reviewing this post and discovering a video about the life of Bob Marley, this just needs to be added here… (Do I even need to explain why when this blog site actually states https://rastafari369.wordpress.com and has been like that since it began?)

Bob Marley’s Life Story

(It is a long video but worth every second to appreciate who Bob Marley is and what he has done with/through and by his music…)