Rock with a Purpose


Artists write and perform songs for a reason, mostly to convey their personal messages to the listening public. Although most lyrics are sometimes not noticed because of the melody and the instruments accompanying it; there are songs wherein the lyrics are far more important than the melody or all the sounds drowning it.

These are the types of songs performed by Christian contemporary bands — because it’s not just the icing that’s important, more important is really the cake that it comes with!

We all like to rock and roll just for fun but it’s also good to rock with a purpose; and so today, let us be inspired not just by the melody or the instruments but be inspired by the deeper messages these songs convey.

After all, no matter what we believe it or what we think – – there is a greater force more powerful than us!

The world is too amazing to be credited solely to evolution!

Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns

One Way Jesus by Hillsong United

If This World  by Jaci Velasquez

Blessed by Martina Mcbride

Still by Hillsong United

How Great is our God by Chris Tomlin

In me by Casting Crowns

Lifesong by Casting Crowns

Jesus take the wheel by Carrie Underwood

A blessed Tuesday to all and thanks for sharing this day with me! 🙂

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