BisDAK Wednesdays: Halo-halo Special

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Over the years, ever since bisrock was born and has been accepted and played over mainstream radio, songs have come and gone…


Here are songs that came and didn’t go but instead left an indelible mark in the Cebuano music industry and have captured the hearts (and ears) of the Cebuano music-loving population…

Solid ug lawas by Smooth Friction

Humba by Scrambled Eggs

Gugmayng Giatay by The Ambassadors

Hilot by Scrambled Eggs

Chinita by Assembly Language

Senior Citizen by Aggressive Audio

Bisan Pa

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Bisrock memory lane via our halo-halo of songs on todays BisDAK Wednesdays.

Be back next time for more!


nmed 10/08/2014 @9:56am

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