LENKA: Great music for easy listening


Lenka is one of my many favorite artists and apparently I am not the only one as her songs popularity has even gone into commercials for huge popular companies such as Disney Pictures and Windows.

If I remember it right, there was even a local commercial for a liquid bath soap that also used her “The Show” song as the background. I just could not recall what the commercial was and googling it didn’t give me the answer I needed. (When I reached page 5 of the search, I’ve lost hope in finding it..)

When I did google it, I also found out that most of her songs are actually used as movie soundtracks as well. Wow.. nice!

Anyway, here is a background of Lenka courtesy of Wikipedia:

Background information

Birth name : Lenka Kripac

Also known as : Lenka

Born : 19 March 1978 (age 36)[1] Bega, New South Wales,[2] Australia

Genre : Alternative pop

Occupations :  Singer, songwriter, actress

Instruments :vocals, piano, trumpet

Years active :2008–present

Labels :Sony Music/ Epic Records (2008–2012) Skipalong Records 2013–)

Associated acts :Decoder Ring

Website : http://www.lenkamusic.com

Here are videos of the commercials mentioned above:

Song: Everything At Once (Disney Pictures Commercial)

Song: Everything At Once (Windows 8 Commercial)

Here are other Lenka songs that I love:

The Show

Trouble is a friend

Heart skips a beat

Her songs are just so pleasing to the ears and the videos are pleasing as well.

Hope you enjoyed my featured artist today… more to come as I continually update my blog with my faves.

nmed 05/30/14 12:35 noon

(Credit goes to Youtube for all videos above)