The best songs in the world according to my 2-year-old

I’m blessed with a very smart and musically-inclined son. Ever since he was born, he always had the affinity for music, which I think he might have gotten from both me and hubby – me being the singer and my hubby the guitar man.

As early as now, he could already carry a tune and can sing a lot of different songs. He has also begun to show his preference for a LOT of things, including music and the movie shows he likes to see. He likes to dance to PSY’s songs (but then, who doesn’t, right?), belch out to the songs of Frozen (but then again, who doesn’t?) and tap his toes to the instrumental parts of songs. He also sings Titanium and Girl On Fire among a host of other songs either heard on the radio, on television or on movies he watches on DVDs.

And because, I can never argue with a 2-year old who wants me to sing his favored songs, this page of my blog will be graced with (drumroll here) —- (tada!)  the world’s best songs according to my 2-year-old son, Izel Kaleb.


First off, one of the most famous songs for children and even adults – Twinkle twinkle little star


This cool song is from the show Veggie Tales – Pizza Angel

(he always giggles during the part where the delivery guy tells the cucumber that he ate the pizza)


Vispop entry – Balay ni Mayang

(I think this bit is probably influenced by my taste because I do love singing this song even if I don’t know the lyrics very well – he even sighs at the end of the song, just like the singers in the song)


Wheels on the bus

(this never gets sung without the usual actions of wheels turning, wipers swishing and babies crying)


From the ever-famous Disney movie Frozen – Frozen Heart

(take note if he sings this song and makes you sing along with him, you have to have props, the dialogue and with actions – he also asked us to rewind and go back to the same song on the DVD multiple times in a day on a daily basis for I dunno how long. He loves this song more than any other song in the movie..)


From Hoopla kidz – Five little monkeys

(I have a 20-song collection of nursery rhymes on my phone and he asks to play this part of the video over and over again and over again – it makes me wonder how many more monkeys can actually jump and fall off beds…)


He doesn’t have a Wikipedia article, but here is a picture of my 2-year-old musiCOOLogist:

(the picture is a product of bad camera settings but I think it looks cool and surreal…)